Leaves in HVAC Service Vent

Hello all,

I ran into something interesting when inspecting a new home yesterday. Several leaves are visible in the HVAC Service Vents in the Master Bedroom and the Dining Room.

Any ides how they got there? Thanks in advance.

Randy Cole

Open windows
sucked in if a return

Were there grills or do you open and inspect them.?
Are they floor vents?


How old is the home? Maybe during construction.

HSS Property Inspection

You stated it was a new home, I would think they got there during construction

Thanks guys. I’m so sorry for the delay. I came down with a virus of some type and have been in bed since Tuesday.

I found out more info on this house this evening. The house was started in 2007 and sat as a shell after the company went bust. The present company that bought the property finished the home recently.

The vents are in the ceiling of a peak design.

I was just curious your thoughts on how something like that had happened.