Leaving La-la-land

I’m leaving La-la-land today for a meeting with Nick, knowing that Paris Hilton is free and justice has run its course. Oh well, at least she didn’t kill anyone.

She probably got a tummy ache from jail food and they got the **** scared out of them thinking dear old dad could, would and has the means to sue the crap out of them if anything happened to “Miss Thang”. So they declared it a medical emergency and sent the poor lass home. Now she will have to suffer through the next 40 days surrounded by her servents, friends coming over. Don’t be surprised if it becomes another reality show. Im sure she has “learned” her lesson.

Paris was nice enought to give us a great quote for the NACHI Jacket. Bottom of http://www.nachi.org/jacket.htm

Well, I was being a Weisenheimer when I said it was the jail food but I just read she was refusing to eat the jail food so they decided to offer her house arrest. She was probably just demonstrating her normal eating habits without the throwing up afterwards and they mistook it for a hunger strike. So next time you get tossed into the slammer, just refuse to eat the jailhouse cuisine and you get to go home. Who would have thought it?

If only we could get her to do a video with only a NACHI jacket on her back.

It’s gotta be the gas prices.She couldn’t afford to have the chauffer take her around partying.The ferrari is more economical.

I’m thinking jacket & shoes, nothing else… all right a belt. :smiley:

If all she had on was a jacket, there would be nothing to see. The jacket would look nice I guess.

Jacket price is a bit steep for crawl spaces. $300 including tax right?

$100 less than you can buy retail. It’s Spyder.

Does it come with her in it?

If so, can it be disinfected?