Leaving political views aside

I think OntaioACHI have done a great job.
Len, Scott or/and Patrick work on their behalf. If you hire them you have hired some of the best home inspectors Ontario has to offer.

Mr. Mike Holmes franchise, InterNACHI inspectors are the best! Many sub on your behalf. Remember, the CMI trademark means you’re getting the best.

Any one wishing to grab some work to make the ends meet, I have an extra bed and I will cover your insurance as long as you are InterNACHI certified.
Call me and we can discuss arrangements.
You can come and go as you please.

Best wishes into the new year.

Wow. Is this the Montreal version of “Brokeback Mountain”? :shock:

As/per usual.
You stalk members throughout the message and do not realize do you?
Too bad. So sad for the association.
Be happy when you are gone. Might see many contributing members return.
That would be a good thing.
Hope this thread gets put in the public forum.
If it does I know where it is going along with my two cents.

You’re the one making the creepy posts. You don’t even see it, do you?


Thanks Robert.

Thanks for the post I guess…

But…confused… Your post and the thread IS in the open section. What open forum are you referring to?

Best Pat.
Happy New Year.

Look, keep up the good work and avoid posts in poor taste.
Better to say nothing as a BOD than replying IMO.

My offer stands.
I have a spare room and have plenty of work.
I will guarantee one or two days a week and more when I open the business wider. That would keep someone afloat.

Say hello to Len and Scott.

PS. I knows its an open section. Ain’t that great.:slight_smile:

So who’s buying the coffee…


On me Marcel.
I want everyone to be successful and will help all when I can.

Happy New Year Marcel.
I will refer clients to you as I did 2 years back. I get calls for your region and they wish for someone thorough.


So because I asked a question now you attack??

Your opinion in this case is very wrong: You can’t constantly attack a Member of this Association and then turn around and tell them they can’t post because they are a Director in another Association! What does that have to do with it?

Who are you to dictate such a comment? Better you fix your issues before worrying about others’.

You can take care of passing on your own messages - I’m not your assistant or secretary.

I have no idea what you are talking about concerning this open to the public thread.

Some appear to never learn when it comes to dictating, or acting as a as Provincial BOD, Pat.
Remember, I am nether.
I am only hold out olive branches in hopes that things will change and offer employment to which I personally would jump on/at to keep myself afloat.
Other than that, hope you acquire a better attitude as a managing director and BOD member.

All the best.

Seems to me your branches are decayed. Time to call in a professional to deal with that!

Now that lasted 7 posts.

My opinion is any BOD member still has a right to a “personal” opinion, particularly when one is not at a “Board Meeting”.

That’s akin to saying that any opinion does not have some hint of personal bias. So no one should ever post on an open forum.

I have served on a number of BOD where it was deemed not appropriate for a board member to respond on a forum. In fact in one instance I personally experienced the “Star Chamber” experience at the first meeting of an Ontario BOD meeting. So sometimes misinformation from others can cause problems.

So Robert et al, are you willing to really turn a new leaf, and really let bygones be over and done with? - Just asking???

Thank you Claude!

Great post! This is precisely what we have been saying for a long period. The fact some of us are Directors as part of another function does not prevent us from having an opinion or asking a question, even if some don’t like it. Certainly, we are allowed to ask questions or clarification. There was no attack or intent otherwise.

Best regards,

IMO… spot on!

If a Director is posting on a MB that is part of said Organisation that he is a Director of, then I understand the “Director first” viewpoint.


If said Director is on another MB, and that Director did not state that his current post is “as a Director of XXXX” then any posts on that MB are strictly as a “member”, NOT as a “Director”.

I don’t understand why this is so difficult for some to understand. Perhaps it is their bias towards the Organisation and/or it’s members that cloud their judgement.

Haha! You ain’t worth a crap JJ…:smiley:

What? The Florida version is any better? :razz:

LOL! No ! No not at all…

Regards Claude, at al, good points.
I am back on the fence…
Hope that helps.

As well, funny when hard questions required ethical open replies everything appeared cloaked in privacy while I was the target of aiding and abetting conspirators falsely accused under what appeared a tribunal of nameless faceless judicators of allowing members to use my password and username to gain access to/for information.

Guilty till proven innocent. Funny way to run a show.

So I will sit on the fence and wish everyone the best.

Pat should sttand down and Jonas should BUT OUT.
He should read my signature. Trolling is one thing cyberstalking is another. Have loads of ammo to work here:)