Leaving state for 6 months

Any suggestions on how to postpone your business for 6 months while traveling?

That’s a tuff one. Along with being an inspector, I am also a general contractor. I like being a one man show as I hate having employees. I do however have a hand full of friends, my equals, that I can call on when I need help. When I travel (never for six months though) I always have one of those guys pick up my slack while I’m gone. Do you have any inspectors you network with that could offer you help?


My business is fairly new and has been slow. I considered turning off my website and contacting the local realtors that I have worked with? My business hasn’t ramped up so I’m not well known at this point.

Its good to have time to travel. If you do though, most of the contacts you have made will have moved on and found a new inspector to work with that is available. Problem with one man shops.

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Agreed. Thank you

Is there an inspector in your area that you trust and can cover some of the inspections?

Can you block off the next 6 months in your scheduling software and tell your agents that you’re fully booked (when they call)?

No one really needs to know that you’re out of state.

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Probably best to contact a couple of other inspectors to see if they are willing to handle any that you may send their way.

Also best to not let many know that you are going to be gone or “advertise your absence”. as thieves may get wind of your absence and cleanout your home while you are gone. (some criminals will actually read obituaries and funeral notices to note when no one will most likely be at home so they can rob the place) I recommend that you just without fanfare let anyone that calls, know that you won’t be available to do their inspection and referred them to the other inspectors you can trust.

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