LED Floodlights Have Come a Long Way

I installed 3 x 50 watt floodlights on the back of my house this spring. These things produce outstanding light and it’s white, so I can actually see what I’m doing when I’m cooking outside.

In the photo, the three center lights are each 50 watt LEDs while the corners each have a pair of 150 watt quartz halogen lights. So the main lights only use 1/4 of the wattage of the corner lights!

Too bad they’re still pretty expensive or I’d replace the 8 quartz halogen lights too. I’m sure I will at some point.

Looks good and bright compared to the old bulbs…!

Especially at 50 watt…great lighting.

yeah they have, LEDs are the way i’ve gone in flashlights too. My small light puts out 250 lumens. My big 4 c battery mag lite like 80?

That’s impressive, Chuck. Thanks for the picture comparing them.


That is a lot of light. I also use the strayon model flashlight. Led’s are the best and they last longer too.

And for cars http://www.superbrightleds.com/

“…kinda like noon in the dead of night…”