Lee County requires Business Tax

Lee County requires licensed individuals to pay a county business tax.

Licensed Home Inspectors in Lee county
Licensed Mold Assessors in Lee County
Licensed Mold Remediators in Lee County
Certified Radon Measurement Technicians

Hundreds of people have not paid, I expect the county will “go after” the people that have not paid. :):):):twisted:

Since we often work in Lee, we have always had the occupational license for Lee even though we are in Collier County.

No Diffrent than Charlotte or Sarasota.

They can only require you to pay the business tax, aka: occupational license, in the county or city in which you have your office.
local jurisdictions tried the multiple license thing with contractors etc. years ago and were shot down by the state.

They can however charge you a “registration” fee, it’s supposed to cover the cost of the record keeping.

We may not need to pay the Lee tax but when the client ask for it we have it. It’s only a couple hundred dollars for tax, and since we work for the county, ft myers housing authority, EPA and other gov agencies, we just pay the tax.
Since you have to have paid tax on each licensed individual and you have to pay tax from the start of your business ($50 per year) this can cost many a lot $$.
They have your address from the state. :slight_smile:

Example business started in 2009
Mold business tax $150
Home Insp business tax $150
Radon business tax $150

With so many inspectors dodging the law, they can collect a lot of money.
Some guys I know have not paid the tax in 10 years.:frowning:

About 250 licensed home inspectors have not paid the Lee County business tax.
250 x $100 = $25,000
About 102 Licensed mold assessors have not paid the Lee County business tax.
102 x $100 = 10,200
About 100 Licensed mold remediators have not paid the Lee County business tax.
100 x $100 = $10,000
Dozens of certified radon tech’s have not paid the Lee County business tax.

My guess the county is looking at 40 to 50 thousand in taxes.

I am in Seminole county but have to pay the tax in Orange and Osceola. Volusia does not require the tax unless you are located there.

Volusia is doing it right, Orange and Osceola are taking advantage of the fact that its not worth the trouble to fight it. They know they’re wrong but its so much easier and in the long run cheaper to pay than to fight.