LEED builder in New Orleans

Hey guys,

Are any of you LEED/RESNET/BPI certified in the New Orleans area? I need to find quality construction sites which are in all construction phases (homes, multi-story commercial building, apartment complex etc…).
I’m helping out a friend of mine who is the director of a training school in France, which educates professional carpenters and all trade workers on how to build stick frame houses.
Their concept is really cool. Basically they are teaching carpenters, plumbers, electricians etc… ANYBODY who will be touching the " skin " of the house on how to do their jobs properly without causing damage.
The director and the project manager will be bringing roughly 50 Frenchies to the US for 8 days and we will go around visiting construction sites in Houston and New Orleans.
There is a LOT more to this but if any of you guys either inspect LEED homes or know of LEED builders in New Orleans and could point me to them, I would be grateful and will buy you lunch when I come to check things out before the Frenchies get here (and even after they get here)
The visit will happen in April 2012, so I’m planing on making a least a couple trip to New Orleans before then.


Just bringing this back to the top. 61 views but no LEED, BPI, HERS, RESNET certified homies in New Orleans or close?
OK, are there any home inspector in New Orleans area? I can work from there :slight_smile:

I know a 203k consultant in that area that may be of help to you. email me robertjude@comcast.net

Email sent. I appreciate the help!