Leed Lawsuit

[FONT=Gotham-Book][size=6][FONT=Gotham-Book][size=6]LEED Certification False and Misleading, Lawsuit Claims

Interesting article. Second one down on the page.


The article about rain screen and low e glass are also interesting.

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Interesting! I wonder what Joe Lstiburek will be saying. He spoke here about a year ago and did a radio interview, saying “Leed doesn’t work”.

Nor will the “Cap and Trade” or, I guess it is now called, the “Energy Bill”. Congress is running bills together, so caution must be used by lawmakers. These new bills promoted by congress are thousands of pages, and who knows what is in them.

We all must stay firm in what we do.

Your welcome Brian,
I think it will be interesting to see how this turns out.
I also think Leeds is a good program and maybe it needs some tweaking, in the end I think we’ll see a blend of green/performance building.

IAQ radio had an hour with the Henry Gifford - the primary plaintiff in the lawsuit.

It’s interesting to hear about. You can find it here:http://www.iaqradio.com/
Episore 187.

I read the filing. I read the report that USGBC released based on their voluntary survey of energy usage. I’ve reviewed Henry Gifford’s response to the USGBC survey.

I’d join the lawsuit if I had been harmed by LEED in any way. But unlike most commercial energy consultants, I haven’t.

According to Dr. Joe Lstiburek: Not one LEED building uses less energy than the one it replaced.



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