Left or Right Handed?

Now you guys keep this post clean :twisted:

We bought some of the custom made nachi mouse pads a few months ago and I finally replaced our old desktop mouse pad with the new nachi custom mouse pad http://www.nachi.org/thoroman2008.htm We really never use the desktop but I had to use it yesterday and was using the mouse pad and realized this thing is set up for a right handed person.

We all know left handed people are the only right minded people;-) But why are the majority of items or things set up only for right handed people?

Give some respect to the left handed/footed people of the world!

Side poll - How many inspectors are left handed, I bet a pretty good bit cause I used to contract and I met more contractors left handed than right.


I am a ambidextrous.



Hey Bill,

I consider myself ambidextrous as well (just did not feeling like trying to spell the big words today)! J/K

I write left, eat left, kick right, throw baseball right, shoot basketball left, golf right, fish left, shoot bow left, shoot gun left, bowl right, tennis right, shoot pool left, shoot darts right.

Ya it’s all messed up.


Yeah, sounds like you got some issues:p

Lefties are left out.

He said keep it clean! :mrgreen: (just kidding)

[size=2]Anyhow, I’m a lefty. :slight_smile:

I have nothing against lefties, because sometimes I think some of the tools we use in construction were designed for them instead of righties like me. :slight_smile:

Think for a minute of something simple.

Using a tape measure.
I install it on my belt on my left side

Now remember,I am right handed.

I grab the tape measure off me left side belt with my left hand, but the blade is facing in the opposite direction, so I have to flip it around with my right hand and then hook the blade to the right of the piece of wood so my right hand could make a mark with the pencil while holding the tape.

Well, easy you say? Easy, but the stinking numbers are all upside down.
No wonder we make so many mistakes. ha. ha.

Here is another ex.

Folding rule for a right handed carpenter.

Take it out of you back left pocket, hold it in your left hand while you unfold it with your right, loosen the fence on the table saw that is to the right and use your folding rule against the fence to measure width of rip.
Damn, the numbers are upside down again.

Moral of story, not all things are meant to be used by right handed people.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley: :wink:

Me too, and I haven’t used a mouse pad in at least five years, since the advent of the wireless optical mouse. . .

Hi. Jeff;

Me too, but just need to keep a generous supply of energizer bunnies on hand. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile:

I’d cut of my right arm to be that :mrgreen:


I’m a lefty…

Hey Kenneth we may be left out but we’re still right minded :cool:

So what’s the deal here all us good ol’ Georgia boys are lefties :mrgreen:

Marcel you’re right, literally. I guess we have to take the good with the bad.

I still wanted left handed scissors back in grade school.

It would not be a bad idea to make a national left handed holiday. Given 3 out of the last 4 presidents of the usa were left handed.

I’m ambidextrous as well. Write with my left, throw with my right. I used to catch and throw with my left when I was young, obviously that was hard so I had to train myself to use my right. Now I can do most things with both.

Quit your whining, left handed freaks.

Actualy most left handers have learned to adapt and a right hander would have trouble if the problem was on the left foot.

When you think about it , why is the driver of a car on the left side instead of the middle?

If we suddenly had to drive on the other side people would adjust after a while , and so have left handers.

Remember three lefts make a right gentlemen.

It’s actually pretty well documented that some people that have learning disabilities do so because they are actually left handed but were forced to be right handed in early childhood by parents or their teachers.

LOL, Well, that is funny, it never af fect, af fect, af fect, af fect, affected me. :wink:

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

Obviously not :shock:

It has to do with how your brain is wired.

I went through an artist stage for a number of years and science has shown that artists think more on the right side of the brain.

My actual result was that I found myself using my left hand more often than in the past for many tasks as the right side of the brain controls the left half of your body.

There has been much research on this matter.

I understand you guys that are ambi - my mother is that way - course my Dad alwasy said that meant she wasn’t worth a crap with either hand -