(Legal or Liability) Accompanying Client

I performed an inspection recently where the client asked if they could be with me on the inspection. Which, like I have done many times before, said that is fine. The inspection was, interesting to say the least. INTERNACHI should buy this house as their Idaho branch for the House of Horrors, not joking. Client ultimately backed out of the purchase. I received two voice mails from the seller agent (also the owner of the property), asking to have some home inspections done. The first return call, the agent said no one called from the office. Returning the second call, the agent claimed several errors on the report and I violated Idaho Law allowing the client to accompany me on the inspection with out their realtor. I asked about the errors, and the answer was just some human errors and that I let my client on the property without an agent. I do not remember anything mentioned in the ethics course, code of conduct or inspection course. Idaho is not a licensed inspector state, so there is no one I know to call or ask. I have researched Idaho reality law and found nothing. I am kind of at a loss for what to do on future inspections.

And yes I carry insurances, E&O and General Liability.

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As far as the Ethics course, we need to follow the laws. Maybe that is in the Real Estate section…I don’t know.

Relating to what to do in the future with clients, ask an real estate attorney or get permission from the agent…in writing…email works… that an agent will be there.

These are just my opinion because I do not know the laws in your state regarding this.


WHO authorized you to be there?
How’d you gain access.

Ask the agent/seller to send to you the relevant state statute or rule so that you may review it.

I bet you get nothing back.


The Buyers agent gave me the contractor access code and scheduled the inspection.

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If the buyer’s agent most likely knew that you would be there with their client,
you did nothing wrong.
The deal is dead ~ sour grapes/shoot the messenger time… … …


My response, “Thank your for that information, have a good day” Click.

I know you want to know about the law…sorry I don’t have that information.

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That was my response. So I agree with you, but it was a first thing this morning call so it irked me all day.


You can always rely on the sellers agent to supply a large pile of B***-Sh*t.


early on i printed something similar to the agents/sellers/clients/builders/people in general silhouetted below
totally removing their impact in my life…hth


It’s more fun to say - hello, hello, hello?
Are you still there - hello?
While they’re screaming I here! say hmmm must have hung up & hang up :cowboy_hat_face:


Home Inspection Requirements for Idaho

Home Inspection Regulated:


License Type:

License Renewal Cycle:

Distance Education Allowed:


Field Training and Experience Required:


Experience Required:


CE Required:


CE Hours Required:

CE Distance Education Allowed:


Pre-Licensing Required:


Pre-licensing Hours Required:

Regulating Body:

Rules and Regulations:


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