Legal Question

Illinois SOP;

*When, pursuant to the written agreement with a client, the plumbing system is observed, the home inspector shall describe **in detail *the interior water supply and distribution systems,

Describing water supply/distribution lines as either plastic or metal does not sound very detailed to me.

At 18 months in PA
you have passed the statute of limitations…
Action must be filed within 12 months of the date of Inspection…


On another note is it worth the effort to report “your claim” to the association to which this inspector holds “certification”?

Generally most associations have a professional practices body that oversees and decides on the merits of a complaint or concern about one of their inspectors.

Going the “professional practices” route is not going to monetarily award costs, but the exercise may satisfy if the inspector met the “required due diligence” and complied with at least meeting the Standards of Practice.