Legal Standing on Inspection

Hi, I need guidance on how to proceed on a point of contention that, as of this moment is unresolved. A 4 point and Wind Mitigation inspection was conducted on a home residence by a NACHI inspector in Florida. He met with me - i’m a resident whose significant other owns the house. My significant other and I are not legally married nor are there common law statutes in Florida so I am not the owner in any shape, form or fashion, nor am I the insured name - again that’s my SO.

Now, the NACHI inspector put my name on the “Insured Name” portion of the 4 point inspection and as “Owner” under the wind mitigation.

His contention is that because I was the one who met him for the inspection and paid him (in cash which I should never have done) that my name must be presented on the documents as Insured and Owner.

I have emailed this inspector attempting to explain the situation and request that he correct the documentation by removing my name and inserting my SO’s name such that it reflects the right name of the Insured and Owner. So far he has refused changes except to add her name to mine to the 4 point inspection and the wind mitigation.

Am I wrong to ask him to correct the name? Do I have recourse?

A few notes - although the owner was not present for the inspection, he met her prior to leaving the property. Also, at no time were either of us asked to produce ID.

Please Help!

Send me your email address and area where the home is located and I will try and help you.