Legal update in regards to protecting the CMI brand.

Rita Bachman
9:36 PM (13 minutes ago)
to Sarah, Nick, Chloe
Nick –

Here’s a list of steps Sarah took to protect the CMI brand this month:

  1. Contacted 25 home inspection businesses using our trademark without permission in 15 states.

  2. Sent 10 Cease and Desist letters to home inspectors

  3. Investigated trademark infringement claims or complaints on 15 dates.

  4. Scrutinized CMI logos and written use of the CMI/Certified Master Inspector brand on four social media sites and 24 home inspector websites, a total of 26 websites.

  5. Found five changes in URLs of home inspection businesses that had previously used elements of our brand without permission.

  6. Discovered two additional infringement cases for the next round of Cease and Desist letters.

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From all CMI Thank You!

What excuse do they have for using the CMI improperly .

Here’s a non-member fraud I asked about a long time ago.
Still using various logos to deceive the public.
Even the $10,000 Honor Guarantee, IAC2, CMI, etc.

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