Legislation passed


Good news! the Governor signed your bill today. It will go into effect 90 days after the Legislature ends the regular legislative session. I estimate that we will end the session on April 30th, so that would start your law on August 29th or 30th.


State Representative Jack Harper

From: Governor’s Office Press Release [mailto:pr@az.gov]
Sent: Wed 3/21/2012 5:24 PM
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Subject: Governor’s Summary of Enactments for March 21, 2012

I hope it was not the bill about employers can fire women for using birth control to prevent pregnancy. In my opinion, a bad bill.:stuck_out_tongue:

That bill was pulled from the agenda by the Senate President. It won’t see the light of day.

The bill limited home inspectors liability to 2 years.

So … if the roof leaks 24 months after the inspection that failed to reveal defective flashing, the client has another 24 months to file a lawsuit?

That is how I read the law.

Not much to celebrate about that, IMO.

2 years from the date that the cause “accrues” is not necessarily 2 years from the date of the inspection.

Somebody snuck in a word that screwed you guys. Good luck with this.

If the “Cause of Action” is the act of the Home Inspection, then this is indeed good news.

But, if it is determined the "Cause of Action " is when the Home Owner discovers a problem, the news is not so good.

:frowning: That’s the way I read it too. But I’m not a lawyer.