Legislative stuff

What would my fellow Florida Inspectors like to see happen in the state? I will be getting(more) involved in the state end of stuff. If you have any concerns, questions or thoughts feel free to contact me.

First up is some damage control and helping to bring inspectors together(again).

How about LESS regulation of us and SOME of the Insurance Companies to keep people from losing their homes.

I would like to get paid by the state again via big program like msfh. Lets propose a state funded nachi management administered incentive program for florida homeowners.

First priority should be “Do no Harm”

I know that seems obvious- but-

any updates

How about LESS regulation of us and SOME of the Insurance Companies to keep people from losing their homes.

I have seen no movement towards this above statement at all by any side. Yes, you are correct neither have I done anything to cause such action.

Maybe someone else will ? :slight_smile:

No one takes me seriously anyhow, so why would I bother.

We are putting a few things together, and should be having a meeting in a week or two.

There is some movement on the education side and putting to bed the wind mit issues that someone continually stirs but nothing final, yet.

Absolutely!!! I have not forgot our conversations.

Thanks John

Good to hear John

I’ll be in Tallahassee tomorrow, want me to give them a message for you?

What about a change to the law about Termite inspections. I am moving to Florida from NJ. We are not regulated to inspect for Termites, carpenter ants, Carpenter bees, etc. I am certified to inspect through InterNachi and insured. In Florida, correct me if I am wrong, you need to be a licensed applicator to inspect for termites. That is a built in conflict of interest. I found that out when I bought my home. A free Termite inspection and “Oh, by the way, I suggest this annual contract going forward”.

It will be discussed as well as septic inspections.

Termites are a bigger deal here than in NJ. Carpenter ants and bees are not reported on a WDO report in Florida.

Now that’s funny. It was because of home inspectors back in the early 2000’s that we are not able to inspect septic system. I don’t think they are going to magically change the rule now.

As for termite inspections I highly doubt that the department of entomology will let that happen.

Your funny Bill, you also said RS would not come back here. Have you checked the MB lately?

He is his own man. He can do whatever he wants. I guess maybe he needed some amusement.


Hey John & all who post links,

I appreciate the info you post and such but would you mind giving a brief description of your links so we could find them easily if searching the forums and know what they are definitely about before going to them?

Sorry if I look like I am looking a gift horse in the mouth but hey I have no shame in my game so what does it hurt to ask :slight_smile:

Heck it might get folks actually searching for a post about their topic before starting another.

Some times I actually cut and paste interesting things all you members post about and the more descriptive the better for finding when I want it.

Thanks to all who contribute useful links I actually keep them :slight_smile:

I bet you could search all the forums and sell a book or ebook just based on all the different reference links people have posted and a brief description of them.

If anyone takes my great idea please make sure I get credit for the idea and I guess 40%percent of the profits would be fair :slight_smile: