Lender wants roof inspection to verify roof has no active leaks

Hi, We have a loan officer who wants a roof inspection because the appraiser found moisture staining in the attic around the chimney. the verbiage from the lender is a s follows: AN INSPECTION OF THE ROOF/ATTIC BY A LICENSED PROFESSIONAL TO DETERMINE IF THERE ARE ANY CURRENT LEAKS AS THERE IS WATER STAINING IN THE ATTIC. We did not do an inspection of the property. Has anyone came across this before? We have individual builders licenses in Michigan but this is solely for the purpose of performing home inspections. We have no problem doing the inspection but we are unfamiliar with the process. Example: who signs the contract? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Let a roofer do it. If he screws up he can fix it. IMO you don’t want to touch this.


Ditto @rmayo. Pass the liability buck to the “BY A LICENSED PROFESSIONAL”.


The lender is very unlikely to ever come after you but the buyer sure might. I agree to let someone else do it. Not even so much for the liability but just because it’s a waste of your time.

It sounds like the buyer needs this to complete the loan.
Thus the buyer has to hire someone the insurance company deems acceptable. A roofer seems most appropriate – but a home inspector might do a better job, particularly if a hose is involved.

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Any images?

You are a (CPI) certified professional inspector, very capable of inspecting roof assemblies.
If they require a roof inspection, and the assembly is not difficult to inspection, a loan officer caught the anomaly, put another feather in your referral cap and do the roof inspection. Note all anomalies.
Reasoning; You will be referring any required repairs to a licensed roofing contractor if/when you see any anomalies anyway:-)
“Put another feather in your referral cap” Yahoo… Stacks of cash$$$


  1. Sit on your butt with a running garden hose, running back and forth between the attic for an unspecified amount of time hoping that a leak or nothing develops. What’s your hourly rate?

  2. Wait it out until the day after a heavy rainfall. Depending on your location, that could take months. What’s your fee for waiting with an open timeslot in ‘standby’ mode?

  3. Get on with life and let the roofers do their job. We don’t need to do every piece of crap inspection that comes along. Know your worth!!

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The contractie, loan officers company. I charge $450.00. Ancillary inspection.

This is a lot like an inspection I did back in August. The roof covering is very bad (as in way past it’s useful life). I guess it is an FHA or VA loan and after the inspection they are saying they are needing to replace the roof before closing, or have “someone” certify that it will be okay (not leak) for at least a year, so they have a little time to replace the roof after they close.

It is funny because I drive by this home almost every day and the road is above this home and I have “a drone’s eye view” of the roof and I have been passively monitoring the roof for several years thinking…gads when are they going to replace that “fiberglass matting” that used to have some asphalt and granules mixed in.

Anyway their agent called me a few day after the inspection saying the bank needed “someone” to certify it to last for (a while). I actually told him about watching that roof for the past several years and even so, The only way I could certify it to last till next Tuesday, would depend on if there was no rain.

Thanks to everyone who replied. Some great nuggets of information. :grinning: