Lending Tree, NOT

They called me today and wanted to know what I charge for an inspection.

Said they needed to find wholesale inspections for their clients and willing to pay a whooping $150.00 for up to 3,000 sq.ft.

I can’t get my reply past the server.

Maybe if it was dead and 1985

Which Element of the home did they want inspected?

Not beyond my front door. :wink:

I can do a drive by inspection and no written report.
I should be able get within 150 miles of the house for
the drive by. :mrgreen:

You going to get that close?..you low baller you…Lending Tree is nation wide.:smiley:

I get calls like that all of the time I simply tell them it takes more money than that to start my truck.:twisted:


There is a NACHI member here that does 3,000 sq ft homes for 195.00…he might go for 150.00…maybe I’ll call tomorrow and ask…:smiley:



Costs more than that to think about going to Walmart :shock:

Part of an hour with a therapist
Vehicle overhead gas, ins, wear and tear…
Paid protection at the parking lot so vehicle isn’t damaged or vandalized
Great deal on a Rolex in the parking lot
Great deal on Viagra in the parking lot
More bling for sale in the parking lot
Finally get to the door and forgot what I’m there for
Back to the house and the cycle starts over again