Lennox AC Condenser

New Installation of a Lennox AC Condenser.

30 Amp Circuit (220 Volt).

Can 10-2 be used or should the cable from the Main Panel to exterior disconnect be 10-3 ?

10-2 w/G is fine.
No grounded conductor is required.

I should probably add this…check what the nameplate of the unit says as well to make sure they did not just use 10 AWG and the nameplate says something different.

Cable is 8-2 with a #10 ground.

White wire should be taped “black” when onnected to the Breaker?

Should be re-identified at both ends, not just in the panel. Otherwise really should not be an issue.

Remember now…we use 10 AWG because that was the size asked about in your original post…not 8 AWG.

You could probably be using #12 or even 14 if this an HVAC compressor is on a 30a. (175-250% of FLA). The machine label tells you for sure.

Yep…check the nameplate fella