Lennox Furnace

Need help with the age of this LENNOX furnace - model # G24H2-7A-27.


Model # doesn’t do much. What is the Serial #.


Did not find one. My PRESTONS does not show this model number.


Serial number on many Lennox furnaces from the 80s and 90s were often printed on a separate sticker below the main data plate. They’re often faded, fallen off or easily overlooked, do you have a photo of the furnace itself with the cover off?

Lennox doesn’t list a G24H series… but does list a G24M.

Are you sure you transcribed the numbers and letters correctly?

Look at the photo, G24M!!! Sorry

According to Preston’s, G24M2 series units were manufactured from 1993-2001 regardless of the letters and numbers after G24M2

Probably the best you’re going to get without the serial number.
Like Cameron indicated, the serial number sometimes was on a separate paper tag.

I wouldn’t get too hung up on determining the precise age of a unit… just call it as you see it and recommend servicing/repairs if deemed necessary. It’s likely an older unit anyhow and should be professionally serviced if it hasn’t been routinely and professionally maintained.


BTW, I’ve replaced three of those furnaces within that age range and every one of them had multiple cracks in the heat exchanger at the same locations.