Lennox G3-90M

I can’t find this one in prestons its an oldy foresure, Help!

Recommend replacement. If it’s an oldie then you would be doing your client a favour by reporting that they need to budget for replacement regardless of condition.

do you have a model #

Foresure I told here it forsure is at the end and or beyond of its expected lifespan and not efficient compared to todays standards.

But she was curious of the exact age Prestons shows a G11 series thats the oldest I can find

I couldnt find a model number

I know the 90 is Btu’s and the G is obviously Gas and the M is multi position its the 3 that has me scratching my head

My Carrier Blue book goes back to 1967, nothing on a G3-90M, sorry bud, did the Lennox guy symbol looked like Stewy from Family Guy by any chance. I came across an old 1950’s converted oil burner a couple of weeks back. See the attachement

yes! Absolutely the same guy!! think that puts it in the 50’s the house was built in 55 could be original equipment.