Lennox Pulse furnace

Didnt lennox pulse furnaces have a recall at one time. This is a 1989 high efficiency system.

How would you report on the presence of a lennox PULSE furnace.

Lennox Pulse Furnace
Built before 1/1/90
Model G14 or GSR14
Problem: heat exchanger cracking

Would a model G14Q3-80-18 be OK?

Serial # 5889G11360

Thanks for the reply

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The company urges owners of Lennox Pulse furnaces installed between 1982 and 1989 to schedule a furnace and safety check with an independent Lennox dealer by calling 800-537-4341
[Try this newer Lennox Corporation contact telephone number: 900-622-8000, or
Try the contact links to Lennox dealers inserted by Google at the left side of this page - February 2007–DF].

The Lennox Pulse furnace safety inspection is free, but if the furnace has to be cleaned in order to be inspected, the customer could be charged for the cleaning.
To identify a Pulse furnace, look for its name on the door. If the unit is a Pulse 21 furnace, it was manufactured after 1990 and is not part of the inspection program.
For those with Lennox furnaces without the Pulse 21 name, the next step is to remove the front door and look for the name tag. These tags are usually placed on the inside cabinet wall on the left side of the furnace.
Locate the model number on the tag (either G14 or GSR14 followed by a series of numbers and letters) and the serial number on a tag below the name tag. Homeowners who caU the 800 number with the information will be told if their furnace is eligible for this inspection program.
The inspection program runs through July 1, 1999. If the warranted heat exchanger needs replacing, Lennox will provide a new heat exchanger at no cost to the owner. Labor costs for replacement parts are not part of the Pulse furnace warranty.

No recall. Just a one time free inspection for the G14 only.

However Lennox does recommend that all G14’s and G21’s Pulse heat exchangers be inspected and pressure tested for leakage every 4 years. This inspection is the owners responsibility.