Lenovo Reviews


My order was placed on the 10th and keeps getting pushed back. I have tried to resolve this over the phone with no satisfaction and you will not even over night me. I copied the website when I ordered and it clearly shows ships within 8 days. It is quickly approaching a month since I ordered it.I have even been told after the multiple delays that my unit would ”not” be shipped overnight.

This has cost me money in damages because I counted on Lenovo to do what they have said and have had to cancel many scheduled home inspections do to not having the equipment I ordered.

Save your company the bad press and do the right thing get me my computer now as promised.

Really? Good luck with that! :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to try something there service sucks.

They were supposed to contact me yesterday with a discount for my troubles but I never heard back from them as they promised. Imagine that.

Lenovo does not do anything they promise me ever.

The only power you have…

Cancel the credit card charge…

Take your business elsewhere!

I bet if you tried, you could find what you want/need without going Lenove Direct!!!

You canceled work because you have no computer? Now we all know that is not true. How did you do work before the 10th.

Dude cancel your order, move on and quit complaining.

The unit has a screen that is supposed to be visible in bright sunlight.

I will let you know how it works if I ever get it.

As does panasonic, motion, hp and a few others

Lenovo did not do what they promised I only want what I paid for delivered as promised.

I try not to use the “outside light” function as that means I’m walking around outside… that would mean I’m looking at something other than the ground I’m walking on, that would also mean that I may trip and fall with something that costs more than lunch in my hand…

I did that, electronics (at least mine) seem to break when they fall down on concrete or in the water. I now leave them on the kitchen or other counter til I go inside. :slight_smile:

On a large building, I’ll take notes on my trusty lil pocket notepad or I’ve used the PDA function of my software as well. I can fairly easily use various forms of note taking and spend 10 minutes catching up on the computer, whilst going over some “fun facts” with the buyers. Easy.

As far as the Lenovo thing goes Mikey, dump 'em now.

You’re pissed and you have NOTHING. What about post-sale buddy? What if, heaven forbid, the thing stops working AFTER you’re used to working with it… think you’re waiting now… what about down the road.

Take it from someone who drops things, it’s a good idea to have 2 of them.

Lenovo still sucks today.

Thanks for the advice Tim.

They offered me $100 for my troubles. I told them that was an insult.

Do not order anything from Lenovo, They do not ship when they say.

So they offer you 100 and you turn it down?

You have nothing right now

you are still waiting

you get what your ordered next week and you paid full price?

take the 100, they are not gonna offer any more

get what you ordered next week plus the 100 and move on

or canel order, tell them to shove it with their (your 100) and move on

I will take it for sure I just want them to know it hardly matters.

They called today and some guy told me it was scheduled to ship the week of the 14th online said the 21st and now he says he would not be surprised if shipped today.

At Lenovo one hand has no idea what the other hand is doing.

This is just here so others will be aware that Lenovo does NOT ship when3n they say they will.

I heard JB had it shipped to his house and sold it to his lowball competitor.

Something must be up :slight_smile:

Hmmmm. I ordered one for my wife last year. It is what she wanted for her bday. I didn’t give a flip one way or the other as I then did not have to guess at what to get her. It got delivered almost before I could get off the phone. She loves it, it apparently works great (I have never tried playing on it), I love it because now I never find her surfing around on my spare laptop clogging it up with all that shopping sites crap. She has used their online services numerous times for perks. You don’t suppose your sweet nature and sterling personality may have something to do with the level of service you are getting do you? :wink:

BTW, you did know you can order or even buy one through Walmart so if you have any problems you just take it back to them for a full refund and you don’t have to play phone tag with some low pay scale flunky at the homesite or one of their techies located in India. Before I turned down work I would get a yellow pad and do the inspections with a camera and do the report later on a desktop puter.

I ordered on line and never talked to anyone before the delays began.

They did not get to know how sweet I can be.

According to them it “may” go out today. I still think they are full of crap.

If I had to guess what is causing the delay I would say it is the solid state drive. I doubt many order a drive with less capacity for more money and they were likely not in stock.

I would not have any problem if they were not jerking me around and if they would have been honest from the start.

It really bothers me that when they do finally send it they will not even do so overnight.

Lenovo sucks and they do not ship when promised :slight_smile:

For future reference, you can almost always do better as far as service and price goes by NOT going to the makers. They almost always SUCK at delivering the goods and almost always have the highest prices. My wife got hers through Walmart…I know, I know but they will ship it directly to a store near you for FREE and will notify you when it is shipped, when it will arrive and then you get a phone call from the store the day of delivery for pick up. Just saying.

I will check it in the future.
Can you also order it to your own specs?

I doubt it but they have about every size and model on their website. Walmart aint into custom designing puters. They are all about volumn which is why you can usually get a better price. When they buy something they buy a warehouse full.

I ordered a real ferrari…I hope :slight_smile: