Lesson learned!

New to inspections. My usual radon guy was unavailable. Its limited in my area. Everyone else was home inspectors as well. I didn’t want to reschedule. He showed up for radon test and upsold the customer on other services and spent an hour talking about everything else. This can’t be typical?

Sounds like he came in and took over your inspection. Why don’t you be the guy that does home inspections and offers radon testing? You could reflect on this guys skills to upcharge. It’s a skill to learn, you have to be a salesman and sell your services and yourself otherwise the competition is going to steal the spotlight.

The skill is taking the work and charging more than the guy you took it from. Bliss!!!

I probably will offer radon testing in the future. I’m a firm believer at sticking to what you know and be great at it.

Becoming certified to perform radon testing is not that difficult. If you do not offer it, others will and you will lose business. In my area radon testing is not profitable in and of itself, but the contacts you make and referrals are.