let me lock my report

could i please be able to lock a report for any reason i want. we do not use your cc processor. so after finally getting report to lock. which was difficult. i tried to unlock it. and got this.

Error deleting invoice: Validation failed for classes [com.homegauge.persistence.entity.Invoice] during update time for groups [javax.validation.groups.Default, ] List of constraint violations: ConstraintViolationImpl{interpolatedMessage=‘may not be null’, propertyPath=total, rootBeanClass=class com.homegauge.persistence.entity.Invoice, messageTemplate=’{javax.validation.constraints.NotNull.message}’} ]

I guess its my fault.
just admit you want us to use your cc processor or we are going to have problems locking reports for any reason we want. ugh. Still don’t know if i got the report unlocked or not. Why so hard to click and lock a report. I don’t need a reason. i just want to lock it.

You can take away viewing privileges with 2 or 3 clicks, effectively locking the report.
No reason needed.


Perhaps you could help him out and explain what those 2 or 3 steps are.

Sure, no problem, he seemed like he understood the system:

From your HG Dashboard, Click “Viewing, Edit Permissions”
Clear the check box to prevent report viewing.

That’s it.


Ken HomeGauge does not profit from whether you use credit card merchants or gateways we integrate with to help you our customers accept credit cards.

I actually liked the old system better before the upgrade. Because

  1. You could mark a report as paid or unpaid
  2. You could create a custom message that the client would see when they tried to access the report when they have not paid.

The new system will not let me select from my list of saved emails when I send a notice requesting payment.

Over all I find it cumbersome to use.

As for integration I feel that home gauge is lagging in this area.

I really liked the old system. Sorry it went away. I understand that they have to create and send an invoice. I have office personal that have to lock and unlock reports. I have to keep showing them how to do it. Were on our way to over 1000 inspection this year and it make is hard when the software is not intuitive. I have to go back and help the office personal with new methods. A one button lock would solve this. It would let the guys with invoices use that feature and let us who don’t have an easy method for non-inspector office employees. Just my thoughts.

Me too, a lot better. As the saying goes “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Hi all, this is Forrest at HomeGauge.

It sounds like several of you used the old payment required feature more just to lock a report than specifically for locking a report for payments. What are the other most common reasons you lock a report other than payments? Maybe a generic “Lock Report” feature is needed.

The payments system update changed from a simple paid/unpaid to a transactional system to give everyone involved more auditing information about payments. Previously when a payment was marked paid or unpaid, there was no record of that event so no one could go back and see what happened if there was a problem. Now, each time a new payment is requested an Invoice is created and each time it is marked as paid a Payment is added.

You can still mark an Invoice as paid and cancel that Payment (assuming it was NOT an online credit card payment) which achieves the same goal as before. On the Payment Information page, there is a link to “Void Payment”.

We did remove the custom message feature. They don’t work when there are multiple invoices with multiple custom messages since we combine the invoices to show a total balance due. We recommend including a custom message as the “Customer Invoice Description”. That will show up as an item on the invoice. What are some examples of custom messages you would you write in the previous system? Are those messages specific to the Invoice, all inspection documents or for every payment you request?

The “Error deleting invoice” is something I will need to investigate.


One other feature the new payment system added that the old didn’t have was a receipt / paid invoice for your customers to view/print. They can access the receipt any time.

In the future we plan to make the actual receipt template customizable.


I use the lock report feature for three reasons

  1. for those who have not paid
  2. when I don’t have a signed agreement
  3. If they have requested payment at closing and I don’t have the closing info or credit card

The problem I have is that when you restrict access and don’t have the option to provide a custom message when they try to access the report it usually generates and email or call. When we had the option for a custom message I could put in there the three main reasons why a report is not available and provide direction on what actions are needed to release the report thus reducing calls and emails.

As for generating an invoice since I don’t use your system for payment or invoicing generating another invoice is counter intuitive and seems like duplication of effort. I use pay pal to generate and track invoices. So a simple paid or unpaid is all I need. With the pay pal system when you cancel and invoice it remains but is just marked canceled. Here canceling equals deleting the invoice

IMO, if I did not have #'s 2 and 3 in possession** prior to** the inspection… the inspection WOULD NOT happen!