Let the Ontario Government know your feelings

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How many have sent an e-mail to homeinspectors@ontario.ca?

Are you all going to allow some unknown person or group to claim they represent you? They only represent their own interests!!

Make some noise!!! Let the Government and their panel really know what you think!!!

I know someone who wrote to Amy Skelton about the lack of information Ontario non-aligned ASHI members didn’t get - which was the power point presentation that every other association got that attended.

However they did not receive a reply, not even acknowledgement of email being received!

That makes him wonder if the government is now picking and choosing which emails they will reply to. Why bother listing an email address if the bureaucrats aren’t going to reply to ALL inquiries of concern or otherwise.

Has anyone else not got a reply?

I have been in contact with them several times. Everyone should do the same.

Excellent everyone needs to let their feelings be known.

Post here when you send your message


Yes guys but keep them brief and to the point. I know everyone wants to get the message out but in this situation it can become overwhelming to keep up.
Secretaries can only do so much work in one day.
I got 50 e-mails alone today and I am sure that on average Aimee’ is getting at least 200 if not more.

I suggest she should get more!
As JB says…it might make a difference.

I also sent in an email with my thoughts. I would encourage those inspectors located in areas where the by elections are being held this summer to voice their opinions and concerns as well. Politicians tend to notice when votes are on the line.

Yes she should get more and more each day.
They might need to hire another Secretary as this is a hot topic and blowing a few Home Inspectors Fuses.

Just a heads up for those who have employees but only 1 email account. Outlook.com has up to 10 alias accounts per year. This means you can set up a free email account, then create 9 email aliases for your staff so that they can each write the government about their feeling towards licensing. This can make a greater impact with higher volume then just one letter representing all.

Has anybody of late received a response back? Sent my email over a week ago and have had no reply as yet.

Like I said Doug, I am almost certain they are overwhelmed and will need several weeks just to get through everything. This includes Dave Bowman’s which I no about too.
When you open a can of worms like this big issue on Licensing you need more birds to digest the worms.
IE the e-mails

I received the exact same response as everyone is posting on other threads. Typical government response, nothing specific, do not answer any tough questions, keep everything generic and then let the public get a read of the report and respond to something they generally know nothing about.

They are more humble than you think Doug and the best are working on this.
You are correct that they need to learn much more before making decisions.

bump They need to hear from more of us

**Ministry Consumer Services:

Although most letters to government services fall on deaf ears, I will attempt to make an area of concern known.

As a retired house builder and former employee of Central (now Canada) Mortgage & Housing, I bring to the inspection field over 45 years experience. Unlike many popular TV shows and over exuberant franchise organizations, my main concern is the consumer. By consumer I am referring to the average young homebuyer and in many instances the first time buyer.

My original foray into the home inspection field was with the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors. Frustrated with their money-making attempts at education I found a comfortable position with the InterNACHI association and their modern form of on line education. This was more in line with my past experience with the construction industry.

My number one concern with the Ministry’s attempts at licensing is
Mandatory Errors & Omissions Insurance.

E&O is not required by the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors, nor the InterNACHI association, nor the Ashi association nor is it required by the Association of Professional Engineers. It should be mandatory for Civil Servants and elected Public Officials, but I digress.

I am retired. I perform approximately 50 to 60 inspections per year. The exorbitant fees charged by HUB and the like ($2,500 / year) will put me out of business! Ergo the industry loses a knowledgeable and dedicated inspector. My replacement? A fast-tracked franchisee or the like.

I accept licensing as a fait a complete. It will happen because the government decrees that it be so.

But please do not mandate compulsory E&O as it will line the pocket books of another big business at the expense of the little guy!

E&O should be a business decision!

Well said Bryce… My thoughts exactly.

Home inspectors make the least amount of money in any real-estate transaction but carry the most liability and pay exorbitant E&O rates.
There is something wrong here.

Hope they listen


The next concern will be who was appointed to the Advisory Committee and what they recommend to MCS. If the advisory committee recommends insurance coverage it is they who will be controlling your future.

There should be no business entities on the Advisory Committee for obvious reasons. If so all hell should break loose.

Dave I am not sure I am against Insurance for CMI’s. It should however be adjusted for Newbies and if CMI’s need it, it should be based on how many Inspections are done each year.
I think they will consider this if enough pressure is put opon the rest of the Committee.
Is what is pointed out $2500.00 reasonable? No!!!

$2500.00 /year NO!!!

Think about this, a Realtor makes way more in commission and their E&O in less that $500.00/year.

something wrong here!!

Other things wrong are if you retire then your insurance dies even though you had insurance when you inspected the home .
We can be held responsible for a home we inspected for two years after the client finds an error or things there is an error ( this can be 7 years down the road.
A home builder has too cover any decencies on the home he built for only One year after buyer moves in .
This to me is not right.