Let The Truth Be Told?

Mailing from reliable labs:


Don’t Be Fooled

It has come to our attention that a certain “Training Organization” is offering classes stating that are they are a continuation of classes that were previously taught by PRO-LAB®. This is not true.

Learn From The Master

All PRO-LAB® courses have been written by John D. Shane, PhD, Vice President of Laboratory Services at PRO-LAB®. Since Dr. Shane is the Nations leading authority on Mold and Indoor Air Quality, each class is designed to give our students an accurate, unbiased learning experience using factual information. Knowledge is power".

It it is not the truth. The Mold lass that Pro-Lab was presenting was licensed to them by ESA. Apparently ESA stopped allowing them to use their course. Pro-Lab’s Dr. Shane to wrote one that they are now using.

The truth is that the ESA advanced class IS the continuation of the class presented by Pro-Lab up to a certain date. Doug Caprio himself said that ESA licensed them to do the class, at both a recent Chicago class and at the Milwaukee class on June 30th. I don’t know the exact date of that transition but I can confirm the the ESA initial class was taught by Doug Caprio of Pro-Lab here in Milwaukee on June 30th.

It would not be a lie to say that the ESA advanced class is the continuation of the Pro-Lab class (up to a certain date) ESA also is not a laboratory selling it’s services through it’s classes (not that there is anything wrong with that).

I took the Chicago Pro-Lab class, our chapter sponsored the Pro-Lab class in Milwaukee. I also recently attended the ESA (initial and advanced class) in Chicago and found the initial class to be basically the same as what Pro-Lab previously taught. The same Powerpoint presentation, the same outline and materials

It included more information that tied it into the advanced class and was generally a better presented class. Bernie from ESA was also able to answer more technical questions that Doug couldn’t. I am sure that Dr. Shane will change that.

ESA also has discounts available in a good many labs rather than having to rely on Pro-Lab, which has been getting complaints lately (a number of class attendees have filled me in on their issues with Pro-Lab, so I am not tallking out of my hat).

The new Pro-Lab courses may very well be better than the ESA classes (who knows) but for them to send out a mailing, without mentioning ESA (which those in the know are clear who they are referring to), and call it a lie that the unnamed organizations (ESA) advanced class is not "a continuation of classes that were previously taught by PRO-LAB® is in itself a lie.

Of course they could have been lying when they said ESA had licensed them to present the initial ESA class (But ESA confirmed that they were).

I think they had better put on their thinking caps and figure out another way of doing business than to lie about this.

They also mentioned, “Note: PRO-LAB® is the only Environmental Education provider approved for NACHI Mold E&O Insurance”.

This might be technically true, but don’t think for one minute that you cannot get the exact same deal on mold E & O insurance from the exact same carriers.

Seems to be the season for liars to think that not naming names somehow protects them from lawsuits while they perpetrate a deception.

Shame on you Pro-Lab[size=]®![/size]

You could still have a good thing going if you send out a retraction and let your new courses stand on their own and be honest about the source of previously taught course and their relationship to the (ahem) unnamed organizations advanced course.

Truth and Knowldge is Power!


I am told there is more to the story (there always is). It just makes more sense to not engage in this kind of accusations against a nameless organization. I have no doubt that Pro-Lab is offering a better product than they were before and nobody cares if another organizations advanced class is a continuation of a class that Pro-Lab is no longer offering.

What ever happened to “New and Improved” “Now offering courses created by a recognized Industry Expert”. I even know of a snooty industrial hygienist who doesn’t like Pro-Lab but was hard pressed to say anything negative about Dr. Shane.

Somehow calling other people in the industry liars and using a renowned experts name in the same copy tends to cancel him out (In my book). I can just think of a million better ways to promote the “new” courses than this.

Maybe now that they have an industry expert, they might hire a PR expert too. Ya think?

OK, David, now tell us how you really feel…LOL

W-e-e-e-e-l, I feel like dancin’!