Lethal hail


lethal hail.jpg

Jeez…reminds me of the home I inspected awhile back that had 10-12 quarter+ sized holes all the way through the Hardie Board siding across the back and one side of a nice two story home. Scratched my head for a minute then realized the home set about 50 yards to the left of the #4 tee box. The nice upper level deck and pool in that back yard could be deadly as well if slicing duffers like me were playing.

Yu sure that isn’t machine guy fire? :wink:

I just can’t figure out how the spatter marks got onto the bottom. This may be one of those rare occasions when the hail fell up.

Can you say the guy bought two new drill bits and wanted to test them out. lol

It looks like something corroded the aluminum. I think hail would leave exit pattern. And some dimples along with damaging the rest of the gutter not just the bottom if not just beat it off the fascia completely. Interesting picture but I would need more evidence to say it was hail.

I agree. My first thought was ‘acid rain’. Or, the homeowner would toss salt/ice melt on his roof to melt the ice dams. If hail was involved, it may have occured after the initial damage/weakening took place, but the holes look too ‘clean’. Spatter marks from hail? That would be melted water, right? The staining looks to be from an oily substance with dirt. Perhaps wet/acidic pine needles sitting in the gutters for a long period of time?

Just sayin’!

Jeff the staining could just be oxidation from the exposed aluminum edges. Aluminum oxidation leaves black streaks. I think we are onto something.

Could it be from a lightning strike??

Seriously, This was done with drill bits in order to sprinkle the lawn (or maybe planting bed) below. I didn’t take the photo so I’m not sure, but this was done intentionally with hand tools.

As I said in post #7


Nothing to do with hail… that, I guarantee.

Mrs Smith was constantly complaining about how her flowers were dying, they didn’t get enough water. She got a couple estimates to have an irrigation system put in…after her husband saw the estimate he said he could do it cheaper…two drill bits he proved her right.

Obviously there had been some marital tension for some time…this was the last straw for her so she then abruptly filed for divorce and the house went on the market.

By the time the home inspector came onto the scene he and many of his fellow comrades were perplexed not knowing the rest of the story.


Sounds reasonable, Jeff. He burned up the smaller bit so he went and got a bigger bit.

How many did it kill???