Lets do it, HUGE...

As I get older things, especially holidays change. I remember growing up a young lad, my mom was divorced and there were 6 of us, so we didn’t have much for a while, but Christmas was ALWAYS HUGE. No matter what it was over the top.

Talking to Curtis Vilt, I came up with an idea. Lets make Christmas rock for 100 Florida families (or more), and want other in other states to do the same. I say we start organzing now and get ready to deliver top notch meals and maybe a couple small gifts to those less fortunate. Maybe 10 of us members (or more) meet in an area. (I have no idea how to organize this, maybe through a church or something) and we deliver the meals and gifts.

This is just a rough idea and since being young, Christmas has not be the same, and I do know that giving to those who are less fortunate can be simply euphoric. Anyone have any experience with this? All ideas welcome, all input appreciated.

Russ I understand some people avoid Churchs but the are great at giving. May be a start?

I don’t go to church and its not about affiliating yourself, its just they typically have the names of people in need. I am of no religion. But, I will not let a person go hungry because they are of a certain religion.

Any other avenues of getting names? Any other ideas?

I am with you on the church thing Russ. How about Realtors for names? The Police or Fireman? They all know people. The Police could be a good source they know everyone. My neighbor is a K-9 n Pinellas Co. Just thinking out load

Lets do it…seems like it might just be you and me…but I am ok with that if you are.

Russ my Mom was single also. I am a sap for helping them. I have huge ideas for that topic. Someday we need to talk about changing the destiny for an entire family.

Love the way you think…count me in 100%.

I will ask my neighbor this weekend, if it’s not to far for you. Today has been a day on the MB of asking for $ let’s give it a little time others will follow.

If your area needs the help. I will travel there. I have a sprinter van we can remove some of the seats and put a whole bunch of stuff in it.

I would donate something around the holiday time. Please mention it again around Sept or Oct.
It would be great if you could set it up to accept donations by PayPal.

thanks Michael…

I was involved with something similar for 7 years when I worked for Boeing. It was totally voluntary. There were somewhere in the neighborhood of 150 crews, each crew had between 15 to 25 people working as a team. Each crew would select a point man/woman, start to taking in donations in November & supply a Family in need with a complete Christmas, gifts for the Children, Christmas trees, food, clothing, diapers etc.

There is no better feeling than being apart of something like this, knowing your helping those in need, giving them a Christmas to remember, and being anonymous. Although there were a couple years that I was lucky enough to be one of the chosen ones to help deliver everything & see the cheer & joy that we made possible, they never knew who we were, they did know we were from Boeing & of course they were expecting us. We would deliver about 2 weeks before Christmas.

We would actually get the names of these people from friends we worked with or from friends of friends who knew of someone in need. It was always single Mothers with children that we helped, at least all those that I was ever involved with were.

I think it’s a great idea Russell, but I think a 100 families, although it would be great, would be a bit of a stretch unless you have lot’s & lot’s of resources.

Gotta aim high. Making an easy goal is no fun. I will not be ashamed or embarrased if I helped only 1 family. Its not the end result, I truely do think its the effort put into it. I think 100 family will be possible. I just need the names and some guideance. Can you help me Kevin? I could use the help as much as possible. One day it will be 1000 people we will help. Watch and see…

Churches and towns, schools as well, often keep lists of families in need. As a GM of resorts I would sign up for families, receive info on number of kids, ages, needs etc. Then you can make your list and check it twice. That is a good place to start guys.

Of course I’ll help any way I can.

Count me in.

Great idea Russ. Count me in.

Hi Russ,

Great Idea…!

I too was in the same boat when young, its a different story now, I have achieved success, I’d be happy to donate a couple thousand dollars when you have something set in stone.

Man, how generous. I know people are thinking I am crazy, it’s only February. But I think it’s going to take a while to do it right. Dale, your generosity here, your willingness to help countless others speaks volumes as to the type of person you are. Thanks a ton.

Dale that is very kind. There are several of us that got out of what looked like poor future. I am glad you are one. I spoke to my neighbor today (K-9) and asked him if someone stood out to him. And when he was still on Patrol he dealt with a Child Molester and his girlfriends daughter. Long story short she is now 22 and is a dinner guest of my neighbor regularly he and his wife try to keep her encouraged. While not perfect and still makes some poor decisions she is drug free and trying.
Now 7 months pregnant would you think something along the lines of paying for childcare for a year or along those lines? Or are you thinking gifts and food to spread it around? Or a vehicle and Ins. for a year? We have time to kick ideas around. I’m not thinking we blow the whole fund on one I’m thinking we will have 10k-20k and really do some good. Again I am thinking out loud.