Let's Launch a Chapter!

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association in the nation, but in fact to make NACHI the premier Association in the nation. Period! Let’s create a Launch that reflects that!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I propose we make some history.

Shall we begin...?

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Brandon, I will give you a call soon. I am the Committee Chairman for Local Chapters and Membership Committee and I will see what we can work up.


Dave Bush
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An update on what we’ve done to this point:

On Thursday of last week, Heather and I made an appointment at the Bellingham Convention and Visitor's Center. The same afternoon we were in the Center and met with "Mary", who knew every hall, ballroom, and resaurant meeting center in Whatcom County. We spent an hour with her learning her top picks for our project, and doing a TON of all-around networking. Half-way through the meeting we were joined by the volunteer from the front desk who happened to be a PR-savvy realtor from one of the biggest offices in town. Imagine the smile on my face when she laid this golden egg: "Brandon, if you want to get on the short list of all 50 of our agents, here's exactly what you do..." (That stunt will take place on March 16, and I'll let you know how it goes). ![icon_razz.gif](upload://rytL63tLPMQHkufGmMVcuHnsuWJ.gif)

From the Visitor's Center we drove to what we thought would be the best match for our inaugural NACHI gathering, and we hit the nail on the head! Waterfront overlooking the marina, seating for 50-80, parking unlimited and adjacent, very exclusive look, feel, and service from the second we drove in, and it got better and better the further we went. Definitely a place I'd be proud to invite the area's top realtors to, not to mention the inspectors.

At the owner's advice, we checked out another restaurant of his, newer, half the price, in a very nice district. We drove over at once, but it took all of about 5 seconds to know it wouldn't work. Bistro-style, lower-end furnishings, view of a brick wall across an alley, and just as one car we struggled to find parking. It got the gong.

We're going to check at least three other top picks, but I'm almost certain my next visit to the marina will be to negotiate a price and menu.

Next up is the hunt for a dynamite speaker. Personally, I'm a flat-out speaker-Nazi. Nothing strips the quality and impact from an event like a poor speaker, and I simply won't have it at this launch. Heather had a great idea tonight to chat up a local real estate guru who has a weekly radio show. He's obviously a verbal communicator with a good voice and in the appropriate fields. I'll go in to see if he's "The One"... but you can bet the bank that I'll be working the angles for a near-future, "Inspector-Intensive" radio show as well...
I'll keep you dialed...

Dave Bush, I look forward to your call. You can reach me anytime at

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Dave, Thanks for your help and guidance. At your suggestion, I’m going to keep this project on track with a proposed launch date in the first week of June. Emphasis will be on getting REALTORS to attend with the belief that inspectors will follow. I’ll be watching for results of the St. Louis project to see how that goes over.

Thanks again,