Let's not forget.. Whistler!

I would highly recommend that not too much faith be put in Bill Mullens National Certification .
It was about two years ago when he was telling all how much money could be made and how many inspectors would be required to do the PDI inspections that would soon be needed .
This is just one of many disapointed home inspectors who spent a lot of money and still are waiting for their chance to make huge profits from all those $2,000:00 inspections that would come their way.
Unfortunatly like many of Bill Mullens hopes it was just smoke and Mirrors.
Roy Cooke sr… R.H.I… CAHPI-ONT. Royshomeinspection.com.

Read below and weep !!!

#&$&(* wrote:
As one of the attendees at the conference, I offer the following comments.

I’m sure the organizers were pleased with the turnout at the conference, however I became quite disappointed during the first day session where it became evident that the PDI inspection training session was not playing out as I and others had been led to believe it would. What I had understood was going to take place was that those of us attending this session, plus any who attended future training sessions, would be the only people capable of carrying out what was to amount to approximately 220,000 PDI inspections annually across Canada, and that this was something that was about to be inplemented in the very near future. As things turn out, the home building industry has not yet agreed to or climbed on board with this initiative; that even when (or if) they do, this is not going to be a mandatory process; that there is no restriction of any kind on who may carry out this type of inspection once it does come to be; that their are two completely separate types of inspections for which protocols are being developed (one is a Performance inspection and the other is a Contract Compliance inspection) and it will be entirely at the buyer’s discretion whether any of them are carried out, and the cost will be coming out of their pocket. The session also was not an official training session but more of a discussion and information and idea-sharing exercise with no clear answer at the end of the day what exactly those of us who attended had achieved. A diploma/certificate was recieved although it was not made definitively clear just what value this diploma might actually have.

Attending the PDI course was my only reason for attending the CAHPI conference. With a rather significant cost of over $1,500 to do so, I figured that with the expectations being talked about with this new initiative, that it would certainly pay for itself. The rest of the sessions I found somewhat interesting but certainly wouldn’t have considered going to Whistler for 4 days if it had not been for the PDI course being put on, not to mention the cost of leaving my one-person business unattended for that period of time.

I heard similar comments from other attendees so I know I’m not the only one who thinks there was some pretty siginificant misinformation being distributed prior to the conference about what the PDI training session was supposed to entail. I will be more careful about any similar types of training sessions such as this in the future.

CMHC, Alan Carson and myself have been handling hot potatoes with the PDI
initiative, and due to that, the protocols and the course have been
almost daily. That is why we could not come right out and call the
‘session’ in Whistler a ‘course’. It was a discussion and consultation
process. (I admit that the word ‘course’ was used often and too close to
actual day…my fault) In reality, it was actually about
90% of the course.

From the feedback which we will receive in the next couple of weeks, we
be putting the final touches on the entire system. At that point, Alan is
creating a ‘Supplemental Module’ which will go out electronically to all
attended the PDI ‘session’. Once they have studied it, there will be an
exam, hopefully administered locally in each city.

There will be no more traveling or cost to anyone who registered for the
Whistler session and actually attended. We hope to have this part done by
the end of November 2004 and implemented by the year’s end. That way,
who attended the session will then be provided with their certificate of
qualification to perform PDI’s. We obviously wanted to do the entire thing
in Whistler, and of course that was the hope and understanding we
unfortunately left with some. Alan explained this during the session.

Those who attended should not be disappointed because they will receive
their certificate once this final module and exam are completed. Their
was certainly not wasted since the material is primarily the same as will
delivered in the course. (with changes derived from the feedback) Anyone
the future who wishes to take the course will have to attend a full day
session and pay a full fee of at least $ 250. These courses should be
to roll in the new year.

In a perfect world, everything would have fallen into place. In the world
in which we live, nothing is certain.

Alan Carson has gone far beyond the parameters of his agreement with CMHC
and CAHPI. He has redone almost everything a few times trying to satisfy
many sides.

Jim Robar of CMHC has been deftly stickhandling between CAHPI and CHBA. He
is in fact right now at one of their meetings trying to convince them of
worth of this project.

I myself have worked hard to bring this about. Perhaps my enthusiasm for
this incredible project caused me to be too optimistic, and this misled
people. However, my optimism has not waned a bit. If everyone supported
this initiative and tried to make it happen, I have no doubt it will fall
into place.

I can verify that CMHC has paid a large amount of money to develop this
course and they also poured about $ 12,000 into the Whistler session. They
are backing it as well as anyone could. On the other hand, due to the
skeptics and those who want things handed to them, CMHC has expressed
about whether or not CAHPI even wants this protocol and the opportunity.

Bill Mullen

What are PDI inspections ?, and what role was CHBA expected to play ?
David Verge

Pre Delivery Inspections are where the builder, upon completion of constructing a residential house, and before the owner’s possession date make the final walk-through. This, hopefully, addresses any or all concerns that the purchaser may have. This process should take more than the builder will suggest (as he/she glances at the watch). A thorough PDI should last at least three (3) hours with the testing of all windows, outlets, switches, doors, heating/cooling systems, the plumbing system, entering all attic spaces-in short a full inspection.
My experience has been that you will uncover at least one item that will need to be immediately addressed.My favorite is the phanthom switch.

Ontario’s New Home Warranty Program

Canadian For Properly Built Homes

This fiasco with the PDI course and promises of thousand of inspections and thousands of dollars sounds just like National Certification project. The National and the PDI are not going to be influencing Provincial jurisdiction and the New Home Warranty Program (aka. Tarion) which is legislated by the Ontario Government. The Feds have no jurisdiction in these matters provincially. That includes CMHC.
Obviously there were enough people who bought into the scheme and had to travel to Alberta to find out that they were duped. Nice.

Fleece the flock.

Please understand when the National Certification fails you more then likely will hear that it is all my fault.
You also will more then likely never get an apology ( This is the OAHI /CAHPI way never admit you are wrong or have made a mistake .
Just carry on as though nothing has happened or changed .
This is how Whistler was handled and the continuing not giving a true statement on the Finances from OAHI for many years .
Even after Two (2) financial secretaries quit and reported that there is defiantly some thing wrong with the books .
Smoke and Mirrors still is how they practice ,Lots of words Zero answers.
Roy Cooke Sr RHI … Royshomeinsapection.com. … CAHPI-ON.

I see CASH COW written all over this by the course givers and others that have a vested interest in it. Yet the government does not want to license. Mmmmm maybe the new government will see this for what it truly is.

Similarities between PDI and National Certification? PDI was; get in at only $250 because later it will cost more to become PDI qualified. National Certification; get in early at only $100 cause later it will cost $1000! Nice. Whose hand is in your pocket? (TV ad) :wink:

I think you are a little **LOW, **do not forget all the courses to reach this level before the certification.

Lot cheaper if you take a college certification that is reconized, instead of a private organization.


If I was starting out again I would go the college route. Forget the inspection mills. A college diploma would certainly have more credibility to consumer then a self regulating home inspection association touting its own courses and preferred vendors. Cha ching, Cha ching. Will that be cash or charge card? :wink:

LOL. Where do you think the colleges are getting their courses from?

WOW! I have heard about Whistler but not for a moment did I think it was that bad. Somebody should have been charged with fraud or a full refund should have been provided.

Kind of makes you think about the present initiatives. Deja vu!

Nice of you to keep rwand’s and Roy’s thread going Nick.
I sure miss Ray.

I was not impressed with PDI, CD or C.A.H.P.I.
2006 is when I started looking into becoming a HI.
All the associations I looked up on the internet that had Canadian certification ( not knowing the certification thing) were tiered for maximum profit and the slowest cerebration process.

Happy to be home.:slight_smile:

It’s now CAHPI’s baby…developed in conjunction with OAHI
Known as a course delivered as New Construction Inspection

Bill Mullens name is on the bottom .
He pushed this course constantly .
Just like he has pushed his newest courses and the new secret self appointed association .
Sorry Claude you were part of this and to try and walk away from it does not work.
A lot of homies invested big money on your and Bills advice .

Sorry if you have a hard time dealing with reality and changes that takes place.

What happened was not totally on Bill or (now you blame me) - it was a CMHC project conducted by Carson Dunlop. Who dropped the ball? I had no part of it.

Get over it! I’ve been to worse courses put on by others, and I’m sure you have experienced some too.

I am not diminishing the issue at hand, Let’s not forget… Whistler! for this does not speak well for the industry as a whole.

We all know Bill’s position on this or have heard the many excuses about what happened. He has still not taken responsibly and I assume never will.

The courses being given to the individuals is to me a fiasco.
Do they hold any value? Yes but not the monetary value the courses sell for and not the educational depth a student needs to be proficient.
It is basic as basic can be in my eyes and not the value for the student and for the client at the end…
The students are the most vulnerable in our society.
They have no natural or piratical defences built in them from trial and error.
They are sold “A Title” under the premise of in-depth education.
Give me a break.

All expecting to be something the are not and will not be for 3 plus years after a huge investment in tools, vehicle and other basics…
most ending up working for the factories like agency’s.

yep I see and understand it now Claude. All to well.

As for the construction courses.
A money machine from the word go.
Government accredited and administered courses are factual and researched.
A functioning individual with the BASIC BASIC skill-sets comes out of them after months and a thousand of specified course hours Claude.

Yep I see the bigger picture of Mr. Mullen’s and yourself now.

It takes a lifetime time ti know a trade and 3 years of full time hands on motoring just to be grounded enough to know what practices one can accomplish and what he/she should turn down…

Yet these short 40 to 60 hours “INDEPTH” HA HA HA Home Inspection and construction training are sold not only to the defenceless pupil looking to work for a living but to the CMHC, construction affiliates and any other ear old Bill can ear bend.

He is the one that is harming the industry by showing it only takes 2 weeks to be a homie.

If they believe his sales pitches, and they have, the home inspectors is nothing more than an individual with the abilities of a 2 week training chimp.

Gees Louis Claude. Read the bottom of your signature.
Maybe improve the length of time you are teaching these pour souls and lower the God Dam fee.

I will say one more thing and it’s on thread.

I do not believe Claude had any affectation to Whistler.
What I mean is he following lead.
Does it diminish its effects?

Seeing money is being generated by these schemes and yes to me all they are, *little knowledge for high fee and not as advertised/I] are schemes in my eyes BUT they have to protect themselves from litigation.
There will never be acknowledgement of miss or inappropriate behaviour.

Alain Carson and the ***CMHC ***both dropped the ball.
I suspect because they saw no value for the project to insure students got what they paid for.
They bought into Bill’s idea.
Now you have 3 parties involved and can not selectively finger point at any one party.

Most have distanced them self from Bill but he finds other followers.
To Bad.
So Sad…


It doesn’t even take two weeks…people just go online and do Nick’s little quiz in 20 minutes and become instant certified home inspectors. He brags about 1050 NACHI inspectors in Canada but even Roy Cooke has admitted only about 25% of NACHI members actually know how to inspect a home.

Neither Claude nor I have ever said that we believe a person is ready to inspect houses after only two weeks or less.

Bill Mullen

Nick would never say they are CERTIFIED to do INSPECTIONS.
This just CERTIFIES that they passed the first test required to be a Home Inspector.
No InterNachi Inspector should start Inspecting until after at least 200 hrs of Training, mentoring and mock inspections, even then he or she might loose their shirt if he or she is not careful.
Cost is $365.00/ year so after 3 years if someone cannot do 200 hrs of Schooling, about 25 Inspections with a mentor and pass a annual exam then he should be out of the business.