Let's not waste time while we're in Vegas. We need some BIG plans for the profession.

“I think Nick is onto something here”
Big for the profession. What can the industry do big this year? Nick used the words profession & industry, I interpret this as all inclusive, lets do it.
John Bowman presents a great idea.
“A joint association sponsored national ad program on the benefits of having a home inspection”
In reading the many posts on these boards, the expertise, talent & knowledge is right here to make something “Big” happen.
Good Hustle Nick!

Yep. I would be down with free aging in place inspections for seniors, or full inspections for wounded warriors.

Are you acting like someone else I know.

**Sting operations **to catch unethical actions by Real Estate Agents and Brokers scratching backs of soft report Home Inspectors.
If you take only part of the info Nathan you get the wrong message.

I could probably get AARP and the BBB to publicize it.

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That would be very stupid.

I have a link on my site for Wounded Warrior Family Support and a son who has returned safely from deployment. Support the troops!

Yes that could not be done by Nick. That needs to be done by the Government or Market Place.
The aging in place might work best and I am in for that.

I’d love to be involved in such a study, unfortunately any discoveries will quickly be channeled into standardizing our profession further turning it into a low priced commodity where one-man enterprises will easily be replaced by low-cost employees. Welcome to my world.


Definitely one of Bob’s better posts!

On the phone with AARP.

I like Realtors, but I do like the idea of independence, too.

Your marketing should never be lopsided one way or the other. Real estate agents are necessary to initially build your business. But the friends, co-workers, neighbors, and family members of existing clients are necessary to maintain your business without being solely reliant on real estate transactions.

I’ve been doing this for over 10 years now & can tell everyone that Nick is 100% right except for the Real Estate transaction part, IMO, the vast majority of inspections performed, are all part of a Real Estate transaction.

I will also say that it takes years to build a successful HI business.

Agreed. But the avenue to reach people who are buying homes need not be solely through agents. If you “work” your past client list, those past clients can offer much stronger referrals than those coming from agents. When a young woman’s Mom & Dad, or co-worker, or friend recommends you (because you inspected their home), it doesn’t much matter who else does or doesn’t recommend you. You’re getting the job.

‘Hungry’ home inspectors would beg to differ… Shake & bake. :wink:

AARP? That means a lot of us will qualify…

LOL. AARP is for anyone over 50 now. That’s about 75% of our industry including me.

I’ve earned everyone of my silver hairs, the few extra pounds just “happened”

Just to be clear it was not about Nate though it may have come out that way.
Jumping all over today so not proof reading anything past my thoughts at the time.