Let's play "Find the Defects"!

OK. Looked over an apartment building in a poor neighborhood. The owners were working to renovate it, but got shut down because they had no permits and the workers were cheap clowns. So, the owner is selling it and somone else will take up the renovation, hopefully they will have enough money to do so.

In any case, each unit (4 in total) had new water heaters, but their installation left much to be desired.

Can you spot all the defects? (this si Chicago, so your local requirements may vary.)

I couldn’t find any defects.:shock:

I found one:roll:

Me too and it is the same one.

yes! I have problems with the 4 water heaters. Lol

4 water heaters, one in each unit. All installed in the same way.

Defect 1. Water heater vented out the window. A no-no because of the rist of CO re-entering the house. Plus it’s just plain silly.

cough,cough,pictures Will ?

Beth is nice by the way…thanks :wink: