Let's stop recommending or doing business with Porter Valley Software.

I have spent the last 6 months trying to get an honest answer from the folks at Environmental Solution Providers or ESP. These are the same people that own Porter Valley Software. As has been discussed in these boards before, I signed on for the CEHI program. After I paid my money, studied and took tests I got nothing. They have refused to answer my questions by means of evasion. This is a very messed up company. My feeling is that no inspector, especially NACHI members should have anything to do with this company or their products.
Nick, can stop any association with them?

Be warned… from my experience ESP is bad, bad, bad business.

Doug Corbridge
Premier Home Inspection

Why havent they gotten back to you? I hear they may be about to launch something big (allegedly).

Does anyone know what this outfit is planning, doing, or all about?

Somehow, it ties back to HIF. Doesnt NACHI have something to do with HIF?

ESP is too late IMHO. InterNACHI has it all sewed up already. As for PVS, good product, currently horrible support. Just callin’ it the way I see it.

I found http://www.nachi.org/hif.htm which looks old. If I remember right HIF is gone. Their website now redirects to Bill Merill’s site.

What is going on with PVS Now???

Most HIF guys were already InterNACHI members. The rest joined InterNACHI when HIF went under.

So whats wrong with PVS…I know whats wrong with Merill

Weak tech support, IMHO.

Dominic has taken tech support to a whole new level and has spoiled all of us.

I stop working with Inspectvue sometime ago…
The program was what it was. used it for a bit.

I just do some much more with WYSIWYG I have tried to work with other programs. But I like to see the report as I’m building it. WYSIWYG :mrgreen:




Thanks Nick :wink: We definitely try to help everyone ad much as we can. I know a few of the other programs have good support as well and I feel it’s a must in this industry.

I hear glowing reports about home inspector pro and Dominics support.
My IR students give me good reports at almost every class.

Allegedly, the CEHI is going to be tied somehow to some governmantal lending program. I have not been able to get any details about it. This will be coordinated through the firm that owns PVS. However, details on the CEHI program currently point to Allied Business Schools, who know little if anything about it.

The HIF site, among others, is being hosted by Bill Merrill, who operates a successful school here in NY. Beyond that, I have little information. Bill may be involved in the infancy stages of something with ESP. It’s hard to tell. I would assume that something is up, especially since Allied is in the dark and Bill is hosting websites relative to this.

I’d be curious to know who provided the training and certification for CEHI in the past. It wasnt ESP, I think…


Who is Doug Corbridge? He started this thread…

I’m just a single inspector in Montana. I got involved with ESP last December. They were working on getting a government contract that stipulated only CEHI’s could do environmental inspections for properties with government loans & that an inspection would be required. I was told the CEHI’s would increase from a hundred to thousands. Hasn’t happened. There were rumors of financial mismanagement. As I stated no explainations were given to me.
Others on the board have commented on this particular company. This is my 2 cents.

Doug Corbridge
Premier Home Inspection

They bought Porter Valley Software a few months ago. If you use Porter Valley Software and expect any kind of support you will be gravely disappointed IMO based on my experience with this company.

Doug Corbridge
Premier Home Inspection

Welcome Doug.

If you go to your control panel and edit your profile to include your location information it would help all of us and especially you when you have questions.

If Dominic ever had several broken fingers, and couldn’t type, us HIP users would know instantly. Panic would start to set in, followed by rioting in the streets, and civil unrest.

No seriously, Nick said it well.

Greetings All:

Not involved with Porter Valley Software. Received samples from Lorne Steiner, but since the sale, I have not spoken with Lorne.

Even when I was hospitalizaed this Winter/Spring- March and April for 63 days, Dominic Maricic can confirm that I donated my classroom space for the Long Island Success Seminar, which was well attended by fellow NACHI Members for what was a productive meeting.

I have been a member of NACHI, HIF and EAA and active in multiple Appraisal and multiple Real Estate Organizations as well for years which is a necessity as a school.

I also have sponsored web sites for different organizations and sponsored seminars. I can say I do not offer corrrespondence Home Inspection classes since NYS does not accept same for continuing education credit, nor for licensing credit.

I am not sure how my name got into the mix, other than I am a member of multiple organizations and sponsor events, like the one recently held at my school by NACHI which Dominic Maricic attended and was a presenter for.

As far as involvement, I can tell everyone without question that I underwent multiple surgeries earlier this year and was in ICU during the period of time.

I was surprised when Dominic Maricic mentioned that the Certified Environmental Home Inspection web site went to my site, which is not true. I am sponsoring a link to Housing Inspection Foundation, as well as multiple appraisal organizations as well. My firm name is listed on many sites for education. I will agree with that. I even have over 250,000 points on Active Rain, since joining last year.

To my knowledge, I am not listed on any official CEHI web site, which by checking google, seems to be a accurate statement.

All the best to fellow NACHI/InterNACHI Members.

Bill Merell 631-563-7720 www.merrellinstitute.com www.merrelleducation.com

If your cell phone provider, cable TV provider, internet provider, lawn care company, financial planner, lawyer, doctor, insurance agent, etc. ignored your calls for 6 months, what would you do? Even if you didn’t call them, if you knew they wouldn’t answer the phone when you needed them, what would you do?