let's talk about ...

Message deleted, after being requested.

What’s this have to do with inspectons?

Please delete as it is not in the right thread

Frank trying to be funny…

And Wonder Boys Michael Lawson response…

… and if he doesn’t what are you going to do report him to the ESOP?

Hey Mikey there is a place for you on the ESOP you would fit right in!

Don’t blame it on Frank Ray, Bloodklott did it, i thought it was a stupid joke that had more class than your’s, that’s all.

Who is Michael to tell you what to do?

He just made a suggestion, I was doing to for you Raymand, I was hoping you would slow down and reflect on the damage you are doing to your self.

I think you are timid to be pushed around like that.

Thank you for doing it for me. I did think it was funny and it should have stayed up for all to have a laugh!

Oh well.