Letter/email to seller about leaving home during inspection.

Any info on how you handle a seller that won’t leave the home you are inspecting? Insisted I did not have to get into the attic, etc. I have heard of emails/form letters that could be sent??? Any help would be appreciated.

It’s their home, you are a guest; they don’t have to leave.
When they mention “you don’t have to go into …” just respond that it is part of the process, and keep moving on.

We all do plenty of homes where the seller or occupant (may be a renter) stays home. I just go about my business.


FYI… Technically when the Seller accepts the Purchase Agreement, there is an Inspection Contingency clause that they are approving of. Unless noted diffenetly in the PA, if they do not allow full access to the home, they are in Breach of Contract.

Contact the Realtor and have them get it handled. Inform them there will be an additional fee for a return trip, or extended time, fee if forced to wait around the same day to get it handled.

Happens about monthly to me.
I just say fine, I’ll put on the report owner denied access.
Then after looking at me like I have three heads 90% cooperate.
I had a owner toady like a parrot on my shoulder. I finally told him to stop he’s NOT part of the inspection.