Letter from Golden Rotary about Their Coat Giveaway

Cozy Coats for Kids recently provided brand-new children’s winter coats to The Miracle Shop, a seasonal pop-up store run by the Golden Rotary. Golden Rotarian Jamie Sheridan coordinated the order. Sheridan wrote a letter that describes the experiences of some of the families who shopped at The Miracle Shop this year.

One father said, “I have been searching for Christmas assistance this year. I am a single dad of four children, and my youngest lost her mom in April. I have been out of work since September and have been struggling to get a job.”

Sheridan added, “This dad was not alone. Your beautiful coats were very appreciated by many other moms and dads. On behalf of all those whose load was lightened just a little, we want to thank you for making The Miracle Shop possible. Your kindness has, without question, made a huge difference for many!”

Read the full letter below: