Letter from Hub InterNational

Did anyone else get a letter from Kim Smith at Hub.

She sent a letter out that describes 10 best practices for Home Inspectors.

  1. Thorough explanation and signature of the purchaser on the agreement prior to starting the inspection. It is imperative that the limitations of the inspection be explained to the customer. Having the customer initial the onerous clauses in addition to the signature is the best practice.
  2. Photographs during the inspection. A picture really does speak a thousand words. There can never be too many pictures.
  3. Recommend expert inspections for things such as possible structural, plumbing, electrical, and or mold issues.
  4. Never give dollar estimates on the cost to repair anything. It is best to recommend that the customer obtain an estimate from repair company.
  5. For winter inspections, it is best to clearly explain to the customer which cannot be inspected due to snow or ice build up. Have the customer sign an acknowledgement that the area was not inspected.
  6. Make sure the purchaser is with the inspector for the inspection as much as possible, as opposed to the realtor or another representative.
  7. Have customers sign another inspection agreement on any and all re-inspections, and complete a new report with new photographs.
  8. Pay particular attention to the customer in respect to the the reason why they are getting a Home Inspection. Find out what the customer is most worried about and address this either in the report or as an area that the inspector is not qualified to give an opinion on.
  9. Make detailed notes about any specific requests made by the customer and any verbal representations given. These do not necessarily need to form part of the report, but would be of assistance to refresh the memory of the inspector if a claim is made years later.
  10. Wherever possible, obtain and keep a copy of the house listing with the report for future reference. This is especially helpful where homes are sold “as is”.

Claims often arise in the following areas-Roofing, Electrical, Structural, Foundation, Grading, Water Intrusion, Mould, Basement Leaks, Heat/Air Conditioning.

Other portions of this 4 page letter are important also.
This letter is in behalf of the Home Inspect TEAM.

I got one too

Excellent letter. Excellent advice. I like the part about paying attention to what your client is most concerned about.

Here are 12 more things an inspector can do to avoid a lawsuit.

Ditto! But you need to add one more to this Nick.
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Yes, I also got one, a lot of good info.

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