"Letter to a Christian Nation"

Ah, but the cold, cold days of Winter are so warmed by fires of Hell that burn in your heart. Thank so much, it pleasures me that you make my prophesies come true.

Prophecy? My guess is you couldn’t prophecy where your *** is with both hands. Any warmth you are felling is the burning from the hatred in your own black heart old man. :sad:

But it is just a “guess”. Facts seem to elude you so frequently, so it is your wont to “guess”.

I didn’t see it as a “murder threat” so much as a position less than up-standing that Ken Lott usually takes. He has proven himself to be a little “over-the-top” and I really don’t think very many folks take him seriously.

However, even though I totally disagree with his posts, I would not resort to the lowly depths of attacking the poor helpless fellow.

Who attacked Kenny?

As I said–it did not appear to me to be a direct threat. But you have suggested that he made a **“threat of killing”…**that could easily be construed as an aggresive stance. Even the object of Ken’s vitrol, Kevin Pierce, didn’t respond to it as threatening–he even thanked Ken for his response.

This is what Kenny Lott said… “Kevin, you are the best living reason for Mercy Killing”… you read it any friggin’ way you want Jae. :wink:

And you may read it as you wish, as well–which you obviously have.

Not hardly a threat joey, you’re just being silly now! One minute you condemn the new rules, and now you want to use them.

What Murder threat? You are nuts! people go to jail for muder joey, and you and kevin put together are not worth one minute of my freedom. Besides, how do you kill someone who has already commited Suicide?

Not hardly, it is called Sarcasm for those of you who have no reading comprehesion. Mercy killings are what people like you want to legalize for people that are hopeless, and I view you as totally hopeless! Get it? Duh…

OK guys, take your Holly Wars off the open forum. It is getting out of hand.-X


I think it would be helpful if we could at least keep the death threats in the “Not For Everyone” Section. :smiley:

:pHAPPY THANKSGIVING! :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone who thinks they can eradicate religion is deluding themselves.
Although an eloquently written piece, it does nothing for me, in trying
to convince me that religion is nothing more than “trying to cohere mankind…”
and is no longer needed or relevant.

My proof hangs on the cross, as one who loved and died for us. and I will take that go my grave, thank you.

O.K. Frank BTW Don’t fight over Holly, Mistletoe maybe… but never Holly! HT :smiley:

I agree!!


Huh !!!