Level 1 here I come!

After recently completing John McKenna’s course in Toronto to get a feel for the IR thing and see if it is something of interest to me , I feel it is. I recently purchased a TIR and have been experimenting for the last 2 weeks, and for the person that recommended using a space heater in a room to help bring the image to life thank you it works amazingly. I have just registered for Level 1 training with the Snell Group in Toronto for the beginning of November. I have quickly understood what the experienced thermographers have been saying about proper training because I can easily see how an untrained eye can easily be fooled by some of the images.

Good luck to you Jerry.

Marcel :):smiley:

Good Luck, Jerry!


Go Jerry…!

Way to go, Jerry! You’ll enjoy it…have fun.

Hey Kevin, the Level III looks good after your name**. :D**

**Kevin A. Richardson

Infraspection Institute Level III Certified Infrared Thermographer®, #7493**

Your wellcome. Don’t forget to view the outlet and that wall area that you plug the heater into. that heater will put a good load on that outlet.



I been meaning to ask someone. Once you take the Level 1 class, what do you do to get your certification OR is taking the class it?

ITC (Flir) and trainers like this are the ones doing the certification.

This is from the ITC training manual:

There are no federal, state or local regulations we are aware of that require anyone to be certified to any standard to perform infrared tomography inspections in the United States. There are some regulations concerning this in a few other countries. Certain companies may have their own certification requirements.

The ITC certification program for all levels meets or exceeds ASNT recommended practice SNT-TC-1A recommendations for training. We require passing two quizzes, and a final examination which is closed book. We also require submission of a field assignment.

ITC certification is good for five years. Recertification requires documentation of continuing education and experience. All ITC certified thermographers renewing their certification level are required to meet continuing education or professional contribution requirements during a five-year period.

Certification is a formal recognition that an individual has demonstrated proficiency within and a comprehension of a specified body of knowledge at a point in time. Certification is written testimony of qualification. Qualification comprises demonstrated skill, demonstrated knowledge, demonstrated training, and documented experience.

You have to submit a report for review to get certified.


Certification is just the begining, this technology is a “disipline”, there are many application courses related to IR that you will want to take after completion of your level 1 certification.


Good luck my friend!!

So thats Flir’s Certification process & renews every 5 years.

Anybody know what Flukes process & recertification time is?

Or Infraspections Level 1 requirements & recerification time is?

It should also be noted that the continuing education requirements by ITC will be covered as you take level II and subsequent local courses. The program is set up for level II to be taken about two years after your level I.

Their program is set up so that level one covers the responsibilities of someone operating the equipment and generating reports.

Level II is set up for managers of those demographers working in level I.

Level III is set up for the person that is writing the standards for the particular infrared program for a particular company.

So basically continuing education and additional homework and projects bring you to the next level. You’re required to keep records of your thermal activity in level II and 20% of your business should be in the IR field. Submission of projects and papers and attendance in programs associated tomography is also part of your program.