Level I Thermography Training Oakville Ontario

From our last Regional meeting In Burlington:

The training course on March 1st is the Level 1 Certification course. This one is geared towards Building investigations.

The Infrared Training Center (ITC) operated by Flir, is one of two companies that offer a certification recognized by ASNT in Canada.

The ASNT is the only association the Canadian government relies on for standards for thermography.

The course on March 1st 2010, in Oakville. Flir gets special rates if anyone wanted to stay in the hotel for the duration of the course.

It is 4 days (last day is a half day as it is the exam day).

You do not need to own a IR camera, you can take the course and decide if or which camera you wish to buy.

Here is a link to the ITC website for course outlines.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Kindest regards,

Ashley Peden
Certified Level 1 Thermographer
Safety Express Ltd.


E-mail me at aciss@sympatico.ca and I will send you a registration - I can not attach the pdf file to this forum. Any questions feel free to email me.



Is it possible to host future classes in the London Ont area? As this would be a 1/2 way point between Windsor and Toronto?

level 1.
How many levels should a Home inspector or energy auditor need.

Very good questions, I believe the courses are pre-set by the training organization, see the link below. Also this course on March 1 is designed for home inspectors, there are others for commercial and more exact science inspections.

Here is a link to the ITC website for course outlines.

you should contact Ashley for more infor


I would take the course in a heartbeat once you move the course to southwestern Ontario, not everyone lives in the Toronto area. :shock:

Are there any courses like this offered in Alberta?


here is a link to their training courses, I will tell you that before I took this course I had no idea of the complexity of interpreting infrared thermographic images, the skills required to obtain proper images and that there are Canadian National Standards and requirements if you want to do government work. You can learn all this at ITC.