Level II certification

I’m looking to take a level II certification course from SNELL IR in Richmond Hill. I was talking to Greg Mcintosh - Director of the Toronto Snell Training Centre, and I can negotiate a substantial discount from their full price of $1800 but…we need a good size group of people: minimum 5 but more people-higher discount. And by substantial discount I do not mean $200. It will be more. I cannot post an exact figure because it depends on the number of people. Level 1 certification is pre-requisite for Level 2 course. If you are serious about doing IR thermal imaging for commercial properties Level 2 is a must. Please post in this thread if you have Level 1 and are interested in taking Level II. I need to know how large is the group that we can form for this course.
And BTW it does not matter what camera you have. Snell is not biased towards camera manufacturers.

Call John McKenna, he needs to go…

Oh wait, he didn’t take Level l I yet! Never mind…

I talked to them at the Toronto show , looks to me that NACHI members
will be surprised how they will pay a lot less then others Ontario associations members pay .
Thanks for starting this Yuri ,
Now is a great time to do this before the big rush comes

Thank you Roy, you are correct. I took level 1 with them. Greg Mcintosh is a great instructor and very nice person. I’m surprised though on a lack of responses. I cannot believe that there are no Canadian members with level 1 who want to advance to level 2. We just need to get together to obtain a nice group rate and explore a niche of the commercial infrared inspections. Once again, those inspectors who have level 1 certification and are serious about commercial IR inspections need to advance to level 2 to be competitive. Please post here if you will be interested.

Yuri, you already have an InterNACHI discount with them. Just ask for it.

Nick, I know this. But I want to take this course with a much bigger discount. I need a group of minimum 5 level 1 thermographers to get it.