Level II + Thermographers only

Which course is better in distant learning course, Infraspection Institute or ITC, ? If you had to do it again , what would you do?

The bold one

I took Infraspection’s level II online. It’s good, but I will say that it if you can, it would better to do it in a classroom. This course teaches you how to properly use your camera and even if the book given and videos explains things pretty well, I think I would have benefited from being able to talk with Jim or who ever does the inclass course.

I took all of my classes in a class room, personally I don’t do well on line but I am sure not all are like!!!me:mrgreen:

That’s right, not everybody can look as good as you with a red hat :wink:

Lvl II is where the lights come on!

You should take this course on site.

(Lvl II is where the lights come on!)

Could be the statement of the year.

(You should take this course on site)

I would like to go to class, but missing a weeks work, travel and lodging is not in the budget.

I did my level I with Infraspection and like the way the course is laid out. Just wanted to know what others did.


I did level 1 at home and level 2 in classroom
I am like Charlie and got more from the classroom, from the people there as well as the instructor. Can’t wait for level 3:D

Maybe the timing is not right…

I have been saying this for seven years, and I have made thousands of $$$ because of those I met in class and from what is not in the book.

You can not afford to not afford it. IMHO


Thank You

I did Level II distance learning through Infraspection.
If travel is not in your budget, its IMO the best way to go.

Check into Associations like United Infrared. They offer discounted training, application training and have a convention coming up this June in Vegas where you can take your tests for free. I went last year and they had a ton of short little classes you can attend that are included in the convention price and the contacts I met while there have proven invaluable.
I took their MoistureFindIR class( classroom/field trips, very hands on class) this year. It was well worth the price, although I didnt have to travel very far and I had accommodations available near by so that saved me a bunch. I must agree, I have gotten more out of the classroom setting than online, BUT if you have a good head start with your online certifications, the questions you ask in the classroom will be more beneficial.
Ill be taking my level III test this year at TIC

Mark, Charley, Will, Bruce, and David:

Thank you for the kind words and the references. They are truly appreciated.

Hope all is well with each of you.

Dear John:

Infraspection Institute sincerely appreciates your considering us for Level II training. As you know from your Level I Thermography course, our Distance Learning program features quality training that’s made convenient - not watered down.

If travel and time away present a challenge, I would recommend that you choose our Distance Learning Level II Thermography course. Should you begin your training find that you would prefer a classroom setting, please contact us and we will register you for our June Level II Certified Infrared Thermographer® class in Mount Laurel, NJ at no additional charge.

Please feel free to contact me directly should you have any questions.

Dear Mark:

Thank you for choosing Infraspection Institute’s Level III Thermography course for your training needs.

I wish you the best of luck on your upcoming Level III Certified Infrared Thermographer® exam and hope to meet you at United Infrared’s TIC in Las Vegas next month.

Thanks guys. Appreciate your thoughts.

Hi Jim;

Thank you for the class offer. Very generous of you. I enjoyed the level I training and found it convenient and with the way you have it structured it was easy to progress through the course. The course itself was not watered down. I am sure that the level II will be just as good. Looking forward to the education.

Thanks again

Jim, Thanks! Ill be there…
Hoping to get Level III handled by then, but TIC is sure creeping up fast.
Can’t believe its May already…