Level One Certification for IR

This company is offering the level one course for $995.

Anyone that pays the retail price ($995) for their conference in Orlando receives a certificate for the level one certification. Visit the link below for more info.



I’m just curious…How did this IR convention (and the iNACHI chapter meeting afterwards) turn out?


Hmmm. Sounds very exciting, Greg.



I’ll answer for Greg if that’s OK.

The convention was awesome!! Lots of great presentations and short courses relavent to IR technology. The large chunk of the final day was dedicated to “Building” thermography. Great stuff!!

The NACHI meeting went well, but I would have liked to seen a better turn-out. There were only a handfull of people attending. The topic was all about IR work and how to be successful using ITI technology.

I attended the conference to get the “FREE” Level I certification course I will be attending on the 18th. Yes, if you register for the conference, you recieve a FREE voucher for a Level I course and a “Half Off” voucher for a Level II or Level III course.

Great deal :slight_smile:


Thanks Kevin

Thanks Kevin.

Good Luck on the Level 1 Cert.

Hey Greg,

You’re awake.