Level than Expands

My fine home building mag this month had the following level that can expand from 26" to 40".

Take a look

Bets carrying a huge level in the van when it can strap to the tool bag instead.

That’s cool!

I must be old, if I needed a 41" level I cut a straight board 41" long and held my 24" level on it, or held a 4’ level on a longer straight board to whatever length I needed. Always seemed to have a piece of something or other I could use.

I have one that goes from 2 to 4 ft. but its not exactly lightweight.

Stabila makes great levels. They can take a beating and stay right on. All the years I was a carpenter, they had the best reputation.

I have a big red one and its bulking and the one handle doesn’t work very well. but it was great. might have to get a upgraded one. I didn’t think you could get them anymore.

Is it a Sands brand level? It’s got a handle?

no idea its older than me, I think. It was a hand me down. but the handle has a spring loaded handle to adjust