Leveling new tub

For the plumbers out there. How level does my new tub need to be? I’m 1/8" off. The low side is at the skirt (front) side. Thanks. Stan

Needs to be level enough to get the water to drain out.
I am sure that if I put my level on any tub I encounter, that a 1/8" discrepancy will not be uncommon. :):smiley:

low on the skirt side will allow water on the tub rim to run out on the floor…it is better to be off the other way, where water will drain back into the tub…but 1/8’ off is not the end of the world

Why can’t you stick a couple of shims under it?

That usually occurs at time of installation and not after. ;):slight_smile:

He said it was a new tub, that to me means its just been installed.

My bad, missed that word. :wink: