Lewis Capaul Acting As An Agent For NAHI?

Based on his posts here and on InspectionNews it appears that Lewis has repeatedly on several occasions attempted to act an an agent for NAHI and the Federal Court system in Michigan by setting himself as NAHI’s public mouthpiece while subsequently interpreting case law and proscribing penalties to NACHI Members for failure to comply with his personal interpretation of the law.

I believe that Lewis has overstepped his bounds and should be held legally accountable for his actions especially regarding his attempt to discern federal case law. It is obvious to even the casual reader that Lewis clearly acted as member of the bar when he was deciphering what the court had written while threating NACHI members with further legal action for refusing to comply with his twisted interpretation.

The question boils down to this, when Lewis took on the role of acting as an attorney in this case was he also acting as an agent for NAHI?

I do not know the answer to this question as I have no legal training, but regardless I have spent all morning copying his rants & ravings from both boards and have sent them off to the both the Michigan and Federal Attorney Generals for them to review. So, what is your opinion?

Lewis belongs in a padded cell.:shock:

He was OK at one time he just has such a hate and it is destroying his reasoning ability.
Like is to short to carry hatred so severly.
… Cookie

I think he has gone off the deep end, yesterday he suggested that it would be an appropriate use of violence to have the local law enforcement agency raid my place of business to confiscate NACHI logos.

I believe you will find Joe that most of my posts have been about what Nick/Nachi has said, along with opinions about how I would proceed if I were NAHI. This is similarto what I did concerning the enforcement of the Washington State SPI Laws, which you and your buddies here said was unenforceable, and the WSDA sought out the loudest protester in the State to make an example of.

My advice to NAHI is free, just like it was to the WSDA, the only inspector association I have contact with is this one, where I’ve paid to post for many more months. I’m glad to see that my posts bother you so much, seeing as you have threatened to shoot any attorney who knocks on your door to serve any legal papers regarding this matter, I’m sure you included your threats in your correspondence with the Attorney Generals.

As far as any penalties for Nachi members I think you will find that the only penalty I have mentioned is compliance with Nick’s reply to the court, other than of course hoping that you would spend a lot of money trying to keep your Nachi logos, and that was before you said you would fight to the death to keep them, and I said I hoped you would.

Free Speech Joe, and access to public records, aren’t they wonderful? My opinions and advice to NAHI has been pretty mild and limited in comparison to the “Rico” case Nachi members compiled here a couple of months ago hasn’t it? My opinions and advice are also completely legal, and based on legal documents free for all to read, and for the courts to enforce. If others find them useful that’s good, if some find them objectionable, that’s even better.

This has been a good day, another legal document, threats of “battles to the death”, and you, as you put it,“pi$$ing away your waking hours” plotting and scheming. That seems to be a lot of effort on your part seeing as you said, you don’t “a flying fart about the state of NAHI, Nick & NACHI”

As you said Joe, I have no power to enforce anything, only the power to keep you in the headlights of any one looking for someone to make an example of, if they want to.

My advice to NAHI is not to go after individual members of InterNachi who refuse to change their logo, have the court enforce its Order by forcing InterNachi to comply. That way NAHI will not have to spend a dime, InterNachi will, rather InterNachi would if it paid its own Attorneys.

Have a nice day Joe and Mike, I know I’ve enjoyed it very much.

Glad to be a part of bringing some joy to your dark world.:wink:

Roy’s right life is too short and I would add:

especially for you to be dwelling on things beyond your control or of concern to you personally.

I just want to set the record straight what I said is this;

Are you so stupid as to post something that can so easily be proven to be a lie Joe? I guess your are, you posted this. I suggest you dig deep into your befuddled memory and recall what I said, which was after your threats of violence towards anyone knocking on your door, your Castle Law crap, I said that anyone attempting to serve you by knocking on your door could request police excort for their protection, you are the one who, once again threatens violence.

No raid Joe, no confiscation of Nick’s logos, first you would have to go to court, spend money, most likely lose, and then you could defend Nick’s logos to the death. There would still be no raid, no confiscation even if the Court ordered you to remove them, the Judge would probably just issue a daily fine increasing until you proved you had complied, no raid, no confiscation, that’s all in your paranoid anarchist mind. I do hope though that you get the chance to defend them to the death, we know how that usually turns out

It is my hope and fervent dream that through all this you can be compelled to commit yourself to working tirelessly day & night to acquire my NACHI Logos. I mean you should want to, need to, be driven to spend yourself, refusing all challenges to quit until you have rid the world of ALL the NACHI Logos, it is your quest, your destiny… Question is, are you man enough for the task?

The world is depending on you, be a sport don’t let them down. :mrgreen:

It’s not much work at all Joe, or even too time consuming, as I said I just want you in the spotlight in case NAHI does decide to do something regarding individuals, which would be the hard way as I have explained.

Other than having fun watching you threaten and attempt to intimidate, I don’t really care if you change your logos or not, I just point out ways that others could use to force you to do so if they wanted. I’m not the one who has wasted my day supposedly copying posts and sending them to Attorney Generals, I haven’t been forced into making threats of physical violence or into attempting to show people how Macho I am. If you haven’t figured it out yet Joe, you’re not my target, InterNachi is, you’re just one of the fools that can be used to embarrass it.

Hey Lewis just remember when you send my name over to NAHI (spit) please spell it right “Burkeson” has only one FU in it. In the unflappable words of GW Bush “Bring it on”!

Hell, helping to piss NAHI’s (spit) money away on frivolous law suits is a labor of love for me. On the other hand, if I were you, I’d retain a lawyer.

Did I say Fu@k NAHI?

You already mentioned the one “FU” in your name Joe, and I already told you I knew what the “F” stood for and that I imagined the “U” stood for “UP”, you never corrected me.

You really are dense Joe, why would I have to send your name to NAHI, they read these message boards and as long as I can keep you front and center on different boards, they will know who to go after to set an example.

NAHI is spendig Nick/InterNachi’s money now Joe, not theirs, that’s why I suggested they use the Court and InterNachi itself to enforce the Judges order, just as in the last Motion the court will award legal costs of any action forcing compliance to NAHI. No need for NAHI to launch another lawsuit over this, they already have won, the Court is in charge of enforcement.

You’re sounding more like Wendy every day Joe, you must miss her, now you’re the dumbest one around.

Lewis do you hate everybody here at Nachi?

My purpose here is to screw with your head and cause you to spend yourself through nonsensical bull$hit, but on a real note. It will be a sad day for America if NAHI by violence or threat of violence were able to forcibly remove the NACHI Logos from any private property.

Whatever pyrrhic victory you have awarded NAHI (spit) in your little mind, it did not trickle down to Florida, my NACHI Logos are still firmly stuck… you (as usual) lose. :stuck_out_tongue:

Who said Fu@k NAHI?

No Ken I don’t, as I usually inlude in my criticisms of InterNachi, there are many excellent Inspectors and good people here in Nick’s World, regretably although they are in the majority, they let a select few fools run their message board, or rather Nick lets the fools run his message board.

Hate is too strong a word Ken, I don’t hate anyone here, there are several that I have an extreme dislike to, that’s a fact, but hate belongs to fools who can’t defend themselves or their opinions without resorting to threats and name calling.

Why would I hate Joe? He so easy to “wind up” and such a useful tool to help demonstrate the criticizm I have of InterNachi policy and some of its members. He and others I find entertaining and useful, why would I hate them?

Lewis Capaul Acting As…11/27/07 5:48 PM How sickining to see you act like Bushart and Farsetta. The world has gone to HELL/

My First Reddie from this post, you see Lewis you do have friends here at NACHI. You know, you should have taken Nick up on his offer to pay for your NACHI membership.

Because of you this poor guy now thinks the world has gone to hell, how cold and callous of you, I’m beginning to believe there is no hope for your redemption.

Joe, do you even read what you say? The only threats of violence are the ones you have made, unless of course you find due process and our legal system to be some kind of violent threat.

If a court were to order you to remove your logos you certainly can use violence against any authority who attempts to remove them, not legally but you could, to the “death” you said. No one though would show up to remove them, instead once again because you are slow, any judgement would likely include a fine for failure to comply, and unpaid fines can lead to property liens and other actions. You might even win in court, I doubt it, but you might.

Let’s say Nick makes the right decision and tells all members thaqt they must change, you, as you have stated, don’t care what Nick says and keeph is logos on your truck, wouldn’t he then have the option of revoking Joe Nachi’s membership and taking legal action against you himself for using his copyrighted logo? Not that he would, but without enforcing his statement that all members will be required, he leaves Internachi open to further legal action by NAHI without them ever having to spend a dime.

Where in any statement I have made, or others have made has there been any threat of violence, other than by you? Disagreement with you is not a threat of violence, your reaction to disagreement often is. Using the legal system is not a threat of violence either, its the way things are done to prevent violence.

Lose Joe, I have nothing to lose, all I have done is offer my opinion and advice and explain the way I would do things if I were Nahi, but I’m not.
If all my advice is such bull Joe, then why did you believe it was important enough to send to the Attorney Generals, if you did? If my advice and opinions are so worthless and powerless, then why compare them to the actions of an attorney working on behalf of NAHI? It’s paranoia Joe, they can give you a pill to help.

To keep you busy. :smiley:

I don’t think you should say Fu@k NAHI.

I guess most of us have noticed how fast kids grow up .
Then every once in a while along comes one and his name is Lewis Capaul,
If he tries hard he too just might grow up and get a job.
He could start as the monkey on the Chain holding the tin cup with a organ grinder.


Yes, but Lewis, what is funny is that all they did was prove my points. The petitioning party (WSDA)were the ones who ruled on my case, then when they gave me the opportunity to appeal, they were also the ones I would have appealed to. (Smacks of nepotism eh?) I have all of the paperwork. So I didn’t appeal and let it play out.

According to their own paperwork, since I am NOT LICENSED, they CANNOT TAKE ANY DISCIPLINARY ACTION AGAINST ME, therefore they levied a $600 fine against me. None of which they have been successful in collecting.

Hmmmm… Be afraid Washington State Inspectors…Be VERY afraid. :wink: