LG 19' Ladder, Today only, while supply lasts

Today only, while supply lasts…

Little Giant 19’ M-22 Ladder System


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Condition:NewProduct:1 Little Giant 19’ M-22 Ladder System

Seems like a bastard size.
To big for closet hatches and to small for many roofs.

My 24’ many times is just barely enough.(may depend on area)

Many guy’s here like the LG, and was just passing along the deal.

I have a 19’ Gorilla, but it never goes inside a home. Stepladder for that. Also carry a 24’ extension, but rarely use it to that height. Most 1-1/2 story and taller have very steep roofs here. No traverse, from eaves only.

Many others use 17’ or even Telesteps 12’. It’s working for them.

Guess you never had to deal with “a little more than needed” before. :mrgreen:

Mine is a big ,heavy and Looong 24 footer which can be difficult to fit into tight places.:slight_smile:

You just need to know how to use it.

I use the JAWS JLT26 with accessories plus a 12’ Telesteps for attic hatches/short (6’-10’) heights. All fits into my Volvo wagon!


I have a 24’ LG–got it many years ago when they first came out. It cost a lot more that $189, I’ll tell you.

The thing is way too heavy for an older gentleman such as myself to handle these days…

So I rent a ‘cherrypicker’…:D:D

Oh, pshaw…I don’t rent no cherry picker…:stuck_out_tongue:

sometimes I use a 24’ aluminum ladder—except when there’s electrical wiring around.:shock::shock:

I used to just step into a phone booth and…:wink:

well, there aren’t any phone booths around any more and my cell phone is way to small to hide behind while I change to my Superman duds…:roll::roll:

What do you guys need a ladder for?

That is a good deal