!!!! Li & Nyc Metro Inspectors

www.linachi.org](http://www.linachi.org/) is back !!!
**Thanks to Nick our founder we can all visit our Long Island Nachi site again without going to; http://ny.nachi.org/longislandny](http://ny.nachi.org/longislandny) **
Our good ol’e www.linachi.org](http://www.linachi.org/) is BACK !!!
**Come on everyone lets see some more RSVP’s for the Sept 28th meeting send it to allaround@optonline.net **
**Regards Len:smile: **

Congratulations Len- the members will be happy to see the old site up and running- See you at the meting in September- It should be a great meeting!


Way to go, see you guys there