Liability for donated Inspection

I have a question on liability for an inspection for donated services. If you donate a home inspection for a charity to raffle off as a fund raiser and then perform that Inspection would you have the same liability as you would for a paid for inspection.



If your doing the same inspection, why would your liability not remain the same?

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indeed …why not ?

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Absolutely, and remember no good deed goes unpunished!


Is there a contract? What does it say? :thinking:

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Have the winning bidder sign your agreement just like any client would. And you may want to clarify that it is good for up to a certain square footage e.g. 3,000 sq. ft. and that it is for residences only…not commercial, etc. :smile:


good points right there…

Yes, good advise!

I agree,
Great advice Larry. I appreciate your time and most importantly the value you bring to this forum.

Thank you all for your advise and information provided.

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I usually give an amount off of a home inspection rather than a free inspection. Less misinterpretation of what I am giving.

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When asked for a donation I never give a home inspection. I give a gift card (Lowes, Home Depot, etc…) in the company name. A FREE inspection has a perceived value of $0.00 and will always illicit from the recipient a, “got what I paid for” attitude.

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Liability is the same whether it is paid or donated

I do the same as Brad. Gift card with my brochure, logo flash light, and tape tape measure. For me it is less expensive that giving away an inspection.

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