Why do you thing what happened during hurricane Andrew happened. It was a proven fact after Andrew blew through that the code inspectors did not do their jobs. What about all the roof systems that were put on wrong after Wilma. I recently came from a home with new electrical service (permitted) and the distribution panel was improperly bonded. The list goes on and on. If they were held responsible perhaps this would not be happening. The home inspector is held responsible. If I missed that box and someone got shocked, guess who would be getting the call. I guarantee you it would not be the city guy.

There are bad doctors, attorneys, cops, policitians, etc… The space shuttle exploded, are all engineers bad. After a code inspector passes an inspection and leaves the job, all sorts of crap happens (e.g. steel gets removed, shower pans get cut by the tile guy, on and on so the contractor can save a buck). I built my house in 1999 and the Dade County inspectors were busting balls for everything. Sometimes things happen…

The most important thing is that we do not fall into the wrong mind set and do our best at all our endeavors.